La Cumbre Taqueria: Awful Carne Asada, Great Visuals

If you like dryness and gristle, you’ll love the carne asada at La Cumbre. If you don’t like dryness and gristle, surely you can at least agree that their furniture is more fun than the boring stuff at most of the neighborhood’s taquerias.

If that’s not enough, be sure to relish the joy to be had tobogan acuatico hinchable in La Cumbre’s collection of odd photos lining the wall. Here’s my favorite. It reads, “To Eddie, Thanks for the great BURRITOS!” and seems to be from some kind of celebrity organist.

Finally, the graffiti in the bathroom at La Cumbre is pretty nice too. Whimsical, colorful, fun. Thanks, Sad Jose!

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9 Responses to “La Cumbre Taqueria: Awful Carne Asada, Great Visuals”

  1. In the early 90′s it was top notch. But that was long ago… I honestly wonder how they stay in business.

  2. plug1 says:

    sad jose = orfn. one of my long time favs, and an old school mission dweller.

    check him out on the side of the 2nd hand store on valencia/18th near clarion by elbo room.

  3. da real mission says:

    i like cumbre. much better than cancun.

  4. chrisisgross says:

    Sad jose also has or had a piece up on the construction site across the street from bi-rite.

    As for La Cumbre when I came out here visiting my cousin 10 years ago the burrito’s were mind-bending to my Midwestern tastebuds. Now not so much.

    The Chile Relleno Burrito at El Toro was my neighborhood go to.

  5. jhdb says:

    that is orfn us old school cutty been around san francisco probably since that resturaunt has been open, aint a manic depressive, but is ridiculously good at doing graffiti

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  8. rockscarr says:

    orfn=disrespectful piece of garbage. this same character defaced the bathhouses at Fernwood Resort in Big Sur. there is a time and a place for graffiti. in the redwoods, next to the big sur river in a structure built by hand by one of our employees is not the place. you suck orfn. don’t ever come back to big sur. scarr

  9. Allan says:

    what _is_ the time and place for graffiti?

  10. Ryanciu says:

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