Days are Numbered for Funky, Secret Bathhouse for Women

Elizabeth S. at The Ladder Herald alerts us to the sad news of Osento impending closure:

I am bereft and heartbroken. Osento is, to me, the essence of the Mission. Original, funky, secret, brilliant, humanitarian, spiritual…they let any woman over 70 years old in free.

Where else is bounce house with slide there truly women-only space?

Where else can we get soak for $12? Not some fancy, intimidating spa, but an everyday place, like the bathhouses of old. Public, friendly, non-judgmental.

Where else can women go to transcend (and don’t say the Lex, which is great, but merely fun).

Grab a soak while you still can. Link.

Link to the Lex.

Photo of Osento’s front door by lorelei.

2 Responses to “Days are Numbered for Funky, Secret Bathhouse for Women”

  1. amandzing says:

    not so secret anymore lol

  2. Jiz Lee says:

    I love OSENTO and value women-only spaces of solidarity, though there was much concern in the queer/trans community that they discriminated against pre-op Trans Women. It would be great if a bunch of women and transfolk bought the space and opened up the gender policy a little. Even one day a week would be something more welcoming to the entire female/female-bodied community. Any takers?

  3. [...] assume this place went the way of Valencia Street’s funky, secret bathhouse for women, which, so I’ve heard, was definitely for the discriminating [...]