Beretta: Hype or Real Deal?

There has been a lot of talk lately about the new restaurant that occupies the space formerly occupied by the Last Supper Club. The first I really heard about it was back in May, when SFGate wrote about a robbery that occurred:

An Italian restaurant in the Mission District was robbed early Wednesday morning while about 10 patrons were eating their dinners, said police Sgt. Neville Gittens.

Police got a call at 1:21 a.m. Wednesday that a man had walked into Beretta on Valencia Street between 22nd and 23rd streets, waved a gun, and shouted, “This is a robbery! Everybody get down!” He didn’t fire his gun, and no one was hurt.

I don’t know about you, but if I eat at 1:21am, I don’t really consider it “dinner”. I consider any food I consume at 1:21am to be for medicinal purpose only.

In any case, SFGate just posted their official review of the place. And as much as I don’t really like the new outside paint job, and I miss the comfort food of the Last Supper Club circa 2004, Beretta sounds pretty tasty. I am generally indifferent to fancy pizza, because the only fancy pizza worth eating is at Tommaso’s, but on these warm nights, a margherita and a cocktail sounds divine. Also, if people were truly eating dinner at 1:21am, I’m thinking they might have been chefs/cooks eating after their shifts, and I’m always fascinated with where they choose to go. Was that the case? Should I check it out?

Link to Beretta.

8 Responses to “Beretta: Hype or Real Deal?”

  1. drew says:

    I live about a block away from Beretta but still haven’t been. My lady has been and can’t stop talking about the prosciutto pizza…

  2. I have been 3 times now in various states of sober. It is really pretty fantastic and the food is miles better than last supper. The drinks are good but I can’t get into $10 cocktails, I stick to the fine beers that they have and a nice pizza, you really can’t lose there.

  3. bodah says:

    was there the opening night. the food is tasty for sure, but the drinks are hit or miss. service was erratic at best, I chalk that up to the first day jitters.

    They don’t take reservations (unless you have 6 or more) which means the wait time is around 30 minutes.

    average meal for two with drinks comes out to be around 80 bucks before tip.

    oh yeah, kurt cobain is punk rock.

  4. johnny0 says:

    Been there 3 or so times – a worthy replacement to LSC.

    The pizzas are solid, and I really enjoyed the appetizers, especially the eggplant or any of the bruschette. I didn’t think I’d enjoy the mixed drinks as much as I did. I looove the Improved Whiskey.

    Long waits, but the bar is big and the communal table is fun. And I love that it is open late. Why do Americans insist on eating dinner so early?

  5. Rhiannon says:

    So I ended up there a few weeks ago during the last evil heat wave. Our goal: to eat a snack, get a little drunk, and do it outside while someone else served us. We ended up here, and accomplished our goal. Prosciutto pizza was good, while not the best pizza of my life, and definitely not filling enough for an actual dinner, the bottle of white wine we polished off was good, if not great, and the servers were nice.

    I’d go back, but only on such a night, I think (like the evil ones we’re having right now) that I needed an outside snacky/drinky experience.

  6. katie says:

    So I just came back from a dinner with my family at Beretta. It was better than I expected, but expensive. The house drinks were OK … OK enough for someone to walk home 10 blocks and recite the same three lines from Rush Hour 3 over and over again.

  7. Joe says:

    Beretta is one of my favorite neighborhood gems. The food is astonishingly good and the hand-crafted cocktails are fun to explore.

  8. [...] made clear that the cocktail menu is the star of the show, and it was commenter Johnny0 that mentioned the Improved Whiskey by name. Great name, and it lived up to it. Rye, absinthe and some other [...]

  9. The cocktails are incredible. The food is good. I just feel like this whole tiny, cocktail-centric, eat-at-the-bar, small-plate restaurant thing needs to pass. If I eat any more charcuterie I might turn into a terrine.