Mission Pie to Serve Pizza Pie!

I heard whispered rumors of such a phenomenon, and so I decided to walk into the lion’s den. I stepped into Mission Pie and demanded an answer from the teenager behind the counter. With darting eyes and a hushed voice, he confirmed that this is indeed the case. Mission Pie will soon expand into more than a sweet treat store: pizza is on its way!

Apparently, a new kitchen or something unimportant like that has to be finished and it won’t be done until probably late this year, but I didn’t really hear the specifics. I was in a pizza haze, imagining a late night slice on the way home from BART, laughing joyously with a friend. There may have also been a warm breeze in the air and a friendly bum on the sidewalk.

Has anyone told Serrano’s?

Is chicken pot pie next?

Will Mission Mission ever get sick of Mission Pie stories?

2 Responses to “Mission Pie to Serve Pizza Pie!”

  1. Allan says:

    banana cream pizza pie? i hope so. i will be first in line.

  2. wilthefinn says:

    I guess the cat is out of the bag, it’s true, we will be serving an expanded range of wonderful, freshly baked sweets and savouries for all to enjoy. Not so sure about Banana Cream pizza, but we’ll talk, we’ll see…thanks for your kind words of encouragement – all the best – wil