Haight Hate

From the Contact Us page:

Those graffiti frogs on yopur homepage belong to a little tweaker punk, who lurks on haight st. . I won’t support this blog untill you remove those from the banner.

Fuck this blog.

The “little” part is kind of a bummer, because we’ve always thought of Ribity as totally bigger than life, but, like, what’s wrong with tweakers and punks and Haight Street? We like all of those things, for the most part. Most important, Ribity is awesome, so methinks Mission Mission will have to soldier on without your support, bro. Later, hater.

Photo by FajitaGate.

7 Responses to “Haight Hate”

  1. ct says:

    Ribity is a god among writers, the patron saint of the Mission (if not the whole city), and the reason I started paying attention to graffiti at all. Actually, seeing Ribity on the logo is probably part of why I started following Mission Mission…

  2. Allan says:

    yeah i definitely wouldn’t have started following Mission Mission if it hadn’t been for the logo

  3. Plug1 says:

    i think Ribity is from The Avenues – but i could be wrong, as i often am.

  4. Junk Thief says:

    At least your version includes a loving heart with the frogs. Share the love, not the Haight hate.

  5. Yell says:

    I hear he’s actually pretty tall.

  6. Buzzkill McGee says:

    Tweakers should seek help.

    Big ups on punks, Haight Street and Ribbity.

  7. Late to the parade says:

    What’s wrong with tweakers? How about the fact that they’re addicted to meth?