Nature Explained! Emergency Beekeeper Demystifies Saturday's Bee Swarm

Real-life hero and Emergency Beekeeper Karen just wrote in to further explain the mystery of Saturday’s bee swarm:

This is the beekeeper, Karen, here. Wendy and Carowner were real troopers. As I explained many times to everyone who was crowded around and watched, when honey bees “swarm” it is a good thing for two reasons:

1. It means the colony from which it emerged is doing well and out grew its space. The queen leaves with approx 50% of the bees in the colony, and they find a place to land before figuring out where they will go to start a new nest. Why this group decided to land on the car is unknown. Meantime, back at the hive, a new queen (daughter of the queen who left) has emerged from her queen cell. She will head-up the other 50% of the colony and perpetuate it.

2. When honeybees swarm, they are very gentle and non-defensive. They have no honey stores or brood (baby bees before hatching) to protect, and they have gorged on honey before they left their hive, filling their special “honey stomachs” because they don’t know exactly when they will begin to set up housekeeping at their new location. They are like us after we’ve eaten a big meal (like T-day), full and kinda relaxed.

I took the bees back to my house and installed them into a hive. I will check on them in a few days to see if we got the queen or not. If we did not, she is likely still in the air vent of the car and will either leave or die.

I will post again once I know.

Fascinating animals, these bees. Thanks, Karen! Now if only we could finally solve that godforsaken cucumber mystery.

3 Responses to “Nature Explained! Emergency Beekeeper Demystifies Saturday's Bee Swarm”

  1. Jesse! says:

    wow… so am I only one who paid attention in elementary school (besides Karen)?

    Also this makes no sense:

    “they are very gentle and non-defensive.”

  2. Allan Hough says:

    in elementary school i was busy eating beef jerky and obsessing about death

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