Roll Up Road T-Shirt

Once upon a time, I was checking out at Modern Times and saw this Roll Up Road graphic on a sticker for sale behind the register. I got one, and I’ve enjoyed it ever since — though I’ve always wanted to know who the artist behind it was. Today, Yell over at Yell! (great header image, btw) posted an appreciation of Microcosm Publishing’s selection of zines and patches and other DIY goodies. I checked it out, and lo and behold, they’re selling Roll Up Road t-shirts! I bought two. AND I finally learned the artist’s name. It’s cartoonist Andy Singer. AND when checking out, I noticed you can save on shipping if you pick your order up at their storefront in Bloomington, Indiana — and lo and behold I’m gonna be in Bloomington in a couple weeks! (Don’t ask.) Hello, savings!

Link to Roll Up Road shirt. Note that they also sell a version with the addition of some text that reads “Fuck Cars.”

3 Responses to “Roll Up Road T-Shirt”

  1. codesmith says:

    Cool. Reminiscent of Mona Caron’s graphic for Chris Carlsson’s Critical Mass book cover.

  2. Yell says:

    Glad you enjoyed the site! AK Press is another good resource, and they’re located nearby in the East Bay :)

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