Sam Rockwell Loves the Mission

Bronstein at Large interviewed actor Sam Rockwell the other day, and Rockwell, who grew up in and around SF, basically did nothing but gush about the Mission. Look for talk of Zeitgeist, Farolito and Pancho Villa. Also, something about his cock. Raw, 24-minute version here. (via SFist’s Day Around the Bay)

6 Responses to “Sam Rockwell Loves the Mission”

  1. gjtorikian says:

    You do realize that anyone in the world could say something like “That place on 24th and Mission” or “That place on 16th and Mission,” and instantly his audience will assume it is, in fact, the spot they also enjoy? I didn’t hear any restaurant names, I mean.

    “He means El Farolito!”
    “No, he meant La Taqueria!”
    “No, stupid, it’s El Taco Loco.”

  2. Allan Hough says:

    True. But c’mon, nobody likes Taqueria San Jose, and La Taqueria’s at 25th.

  3. JimBeam says:

    He’s just trying to build his hipster cred.

  4. Katie Ann says:

    Yes, because only hipsters get burritos in the mission…

    I think that was Gary Oldman personating Sam Rockwell.

  5. gobo says:

    The resemblance to a younger Gary Oldman is uncanny.