Burrito Justice for High Schoolers

Johnny0 from Burrito Justice has the scoop on some injustice regarding taco trucks and Mission District high schools:

The drama increases — apparently the sups passed a law banning “mobile food establishments” to enforce a “wellness policy” to protect school lunch programs. Except that…

- only seniors can go off campus for lunch
- NO students were actually going to the truck
- the principal *did* go to the truck for lunch
- the SEIU is involved
- I somehow doubt school lunches have improved much from my memories of Reagan-era “ketchup is a vegetable”, mountains of gov’t cheese and “pizza day”…

Link. Oh snap! If the principal knows what’s up, then…

2 Responses to “Burrito Justice for High Schoolers”

  1. Judge Crater says:

    Caroline Grannan is a very vocal public school advocate, who is very good at getting under people’s skin. I don’t agree with her on much of anything (including this), but for context she is a starting point to see how this came out of the SFUSD’s “Wellness” policy.

    Not too surprising to see the SEIU get involved, as I believe they are the bargaining unit for the SFUSD cafeteria workers. You know, “their” students are being stolen by “Big Taco.”


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  3. johnny0 says:

    Update — missionloc@l has a poll on the taco truck!

    “Should the Taco Truck Stay within 1500 Feet of John O’Connell?”


    Viva La Tacolución!