High-Falootin' Bar Tartine Line Cook Goes Nitty Gritty

Via our inbox:

TONIGHT (THURSDAY): High-falootin’ line cook from Bar Tartine goes all nitty
gritty and shit.

Anthony Myint is subletting an antojitos truck in what, hopefully, will become a recurring Thursday night event.

He’ll be peddling an assortment of sandwiches, each served on a piece of
homemade scallion flatbread. Among them, the highly anticipated PB&J (Pork
Belly and Jicama) and the busty vegetarian King Trumpet (wild mushrooms and
triple fried potato).

WHEN: Thursday night, 8pm-2am. Watch Biden dispense of Palin and then hop
down to 21st and Mission to still your beating heart.

Um, prices are reasonable, dude. $3-$5.

Support local line cooks.

I’m there. Thanks, Andrew.

7 Responses to “High-Falootin' Bar Tartine Line Cook Goes Nitty Gritty”

  1. Firstly, thank you providing the impedous for getting me out of the house. It was worth the $40.
    Secondly, do not ever take advice from that blog ever again.

    “Um, prices are reasonable, dude. $3-$5.”

    Those are the words that rang in my head as I considered the thought of yet another Burrito for dinner. No Tristan, leave the computer, go outside and be at one with the people. There is a restaurant just round the corner, go. Eat. Be merry I thought.
    So off I wandered.

    Off I wandered to the location of Bar Tartine, at least off I wandered to where Google Maps said Bar Tartine was located. No dice sir, one of those errors Google maps likes to provide from time to time. Bar Tartine is four blocks down, not to be confused by Bakery Tartine, the second address I visited trying to be smart.

    So here I am, looks nice, and hey lots of empty tables. I step in. “space for one miss?” Yes sir, step right inside.
    Inside I go, dribbling slightly in my anxiousness to consume carbs that come from sources other than rice and beans.
    I menu is bequeathed.


    “Bar Tartine right?”
    “Yes Sir”.


    I’ll have the pasta for $30.00 please.

    No $5 dollar entrees here tonight.

    Aaah well fuck-it I think as my food arrives thirty seconds later, and I’ll take that $10 glass of Riocha. At least its a good feed, and I’ll be content in the morning.

    Alas. This is one of those nuveo cusine joints, and pasta comes in servings of fingernail size. I duefully gobble up half of it, and take a sip of my quite nice wine.

    Uh-oh, its time to release the beer from Pailin debate time. Off I trot, leaving my Gnocchi and “hen of the woods” fungi. (is it really called that in this land, or was Chicken of the Woods just not posh enough to say?) Off I go, for a pee in the quite nice bathroom.
    Back I come, to, well, I had obviously had enough. Because there is nothing on the table but my glass of wine.

    C’est la vie I say. Eat some chocolate cheese cake, finish my wine, and swear never to trust a gourmet blog again.

  2. Allan Hough says:

    Wait, what? Did you just call us a gourmet blog? If so, thanks! Also, I could be wrong, but did you just entirely fail to actually read the above post?

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  4. laurel says:

    closed by the time i got there (11:11) !!!! maybe next week!

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  6. pete says:

    officially ran out of food at about 10:15. we got the last sandwich, and it was damn good!

  7. Anthony says:

    Hi, this is Anthony. Thanks to everyone who came and withstood a long wait, and sorry to anyone who came after we sold out. I was expecting a soft opening consisting of foot traffic and a couple of friends, but those friends did me the “favor” of spreading the word for the opening (as well as the favor of helping me in a pinch–thanks you guys).

    Anyway, the truck came 40 minutes late and there were a few customers before I had even set foot inside to cook there for the first time ever. I was moving things in and getting organized when a friend texted me about a line in front. I will definitely be ready next week. I plan to be open every week, but in case of rain or serious mishap, I’ll post closures here: http://missionstreetfood.blogspot.com.

    Thanks again–it was great to see local eaters mobilize so quickly. See you Thursday.

  8. meave says:

    We got king trumpet sandwiches, and oh they were delicious. If they are going to do this every Thursday, then we are going to be there every Thursday.

    They were very nice and accommodating, leaving the sour cream off our dishes so we two vegans could enjoy the gourmet goodness as well.

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