Lexington Disco Ball

Amid all the street parties and other hubbub of the last few days, I neglected to mention a personal milestone I reached over the weekend. For years I’ve been walking down that really cute block of Lexington and reminding myself to someday have a dance party under the disco ball.

On Saturday, I did it, kind of. Really, I just played some music on my phone and cut the rug for a few minutes while my companions waited more or less patiently. But, it was fun.

2 Responses to “Lexington Disco Ball”

  1. christina says:

    love that disco ball. that’s one of my favorite blocks in the city too.

  2. [...] a charming idea brought to our attention by Kit at Neighbors Project. Not quite as good as the Lexington disco ball, but pretty good. [...]

  3. amasrhod says:

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