UFO Response Team Fleet Vehicle

There are shots of this thing all over Flickr. Here we find it parked outside Delirium. Anyone ever chat with its pilot? Does Todd’s scam work for them too?

Photo by Ander!

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  1. Message from the Aliens, are you ready to leave this planet

    The Quest of God Body: The clause of Jesus Christ. We don’t know why less the truth of why be told. In the abyss of ones mind eye lies the taverns of Sovran sanity. Given into by the towers of vibrations of ones right to be like God. Our final quest to be sons and daughters of our Creator God of time. In which all things lye ahead of ones expectations I am what I am, that you to may be that which I must become .To my destiny of life’s evermore immortal. The reason Why Aliens Are Here I can tell you that the information you are about to receive from me is true. Remember the moon is a satellite, and is new to our solar system. The moon is the key to the alien’s place of origins. Did you ever wonder why there are so many different type aliens by the object being described by people who have been abducted by the aliens? Surely this can’t be true, because of differences in alien life forms from the evolution of different worlds that they’ve evolved on. They must be light years apart, how would all the different type aliens. Note become earth travelers. I don’t think that earth is quite that popular among the aliens out there in the universe. So apart from each other. I will tell you what my friends in very high places have revealed to me about this question that I asked them concerning this matter of differences in alien life forms. A very long time ago before mankind was added to this earth. There were other life forms in the universe that advanced technology far above our own with interplanetary capabilities by their evolution or technology which greater than ours do to evolution of living longer lives on different worlds. As they evolved in technology, they still remained the same size of the planets that they evolved on. Take for instance, a common insect look at the size of a mosquito compared to a human than take into consideration the size of a human compared to the size of the planet earth. Now take into consideration the size of the earth compared to the size of our Sun even if we on earth had interplanetary capabilities. We can do nothing about the size of our race, compared to the evolution of our lives here on planet Earth. When a solar system goes array such is. Ours is doing at this time by the planetary alignments causing volcanic eruptions of great energy forces. Those worlds to no longer exist in the universe, whether they collide with other stars or planets. The result remains the same end of the worlds that they’d are living on their homes. Their planets are destroyed by nature of the universe the supreme nature of all things. As I may have mentioned the moon is new to our solar system. The moon is not only miss named by mankind, but also hidden like a thief in the night. There are those among the universe, who are without homes or planets due to the nature of the supreme destruction by the nature of the universe itself. Their only choice was to use the technology that they had been given through their science and evolution of their world. Since their spaceships would not contain their entire race from the worlds that they evolved on. They did the next best thing they selected moons or asteroids large enough to contain the population of their planets. People. It is far easier to move a moon then a whole planet away from destruction. Because of the size of the worlds that they evolved on so the aliens with interplanetary capabilities moved to moons above their worlds placed large engines capable of moving those moons and the moons were no longer moons. But giant spaceships containing their races. Of those whose worlds were in danger of being destroyed by black holes Suns or other planets so the aliens move from world to world rescuing those other aliens who were not capable to save themselves from the upcoming disasters of their worlds being destroyed by the universe is natural phenomenon of its supreme nature. So let the worlds that were going to be destroyed had to be advanced in technology and knowledge such as earth is had been this time. The human race is being prepared for such a disaster. The moon is not a moon, but a move, because it moves from planet to planet rescuing those people that are in danger of being destroyed that are innocent in the destructions of their world sons, a planetary alignment is not mankind’s fault. We are innocent creatures of being rescued by the aliens were peaceful and benevolent. They do not want to make slaves of us or control us in any way. They only mean the best for our friends and us. And if anyone wants to live and continue the human race. They offer a chance to leave this world earth and go to another new planet Earth that is in a safe solar system back in our Milky Way Galaxy that we strayed away from. Or just join with them in space rescuing other races from disasters Jesus Christ knew this plan, but at the time the moon was not big enough to handle an entire human race so they come in spaceships flying saucers as you call them take samples from this earth. Like giant dump trucks to increase the size of the move or moon as the humans would call it when the move is big enough and just before the a natural disaster of the planetary alignment is completed and the destruction of the world and the last day is at hand. The aliens come in spaceships to transport life forms to the move, but since there is no atmosphere on the moon. The aliens have to create a suitable environment in order to keep us alive long enough to reach a new earth with an atmosphere that Jesus has prepared for us Humans with the help from our Alien friends or Angels. It is written that Jesus will rule the new Earth for a thousand years ,but it dose not state that this planet Earth is the one , it will be Planet Earth number 2 that he will rule, You cant rule a planet for a thousand years if its going into a black hole ,Jesus will raise us to safety first by transporting us as many that are willing to go with him to the safe Earth then he will rule that Earth a thousand years This is why the aliens or flying saucers appear all the time in our skies. They are Angels traveling in spaceships, building a temporary place inside the moon and creating ecosystems by taking plant life’s water, trees, anything capable of producing oxygen and preserving life forms on Earth. Now remember aliens all have different environments as they evolved. So there are pockets in the move or moon, as the humans would call that are different sections. Deep inside of the move or space ship so that each alien environment can be created by the ecosystems in which the aliens were able to survive in these aliens in the move have all lost their homes? The same way we are about to lose our planet Earth this time. The event horizon of a black hole cannot be seen with a telescope. We are heading straight for it. The radiation from the event horizon would destroy this entire solar system and everyone in it Jesus Christ predicted this in the scriptures even confirm what I am saying is true about the move. If you read carefully and diligently seek those answers. You can compare the scriptures with what’s going on here today the sun will turn black as sackcloth. Of course it will. There will be blood on the moon. Of course they’ll be blood on the moon, because that’s where were all going to be moving to in order to get to the ..:namespace prefix = st1 ns = “urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:smarttags” />New World earth that Jesus has prepared for us. As in my statement alien message to man End of Earth not yours or our fault. These things come to pass remember I am not a prophet, nor do I want any glory. I am the simple messenger to mankind to deliver a message about the end of the earth and the entire solar system that we live on Jesus Christ is the leader of the extraterrestrial, who will extract mankind from the earth before the final disaster happens that destroys our world Jesus Christ never left us. He has been with us always as he has promised. He is living inside the move, preparing it so that at that last day can take as many humans as possible and save their lives. Jesus spoke those that love me love life and those that follow me will have
    life in abundance eternal life. You cannot have eternal life, if you are sucked into a black hole. So a very unwise thing to do would beast to stay here and remain in think that you’re going to be resurrected after you go through that black hole because light cannot escape from a black hole spirit is made up of light and will be destroyed. There never was such a place named hell. It’s always been a hole as a black hole. Wide is that doorway Jesus said, will how wide a black hole is. Think about it. The aliens that were coming to earth. In 1947 that were shot down were asked his return to the move before they were shot down. The other aliens in the move did not want to shoot their own craft down. But at that time there was not enough room in the move and it was not ready to see if human life forms. They feared that the news of the planetary alignment and the destruction of the world earth would be too great for mankind to except at that time. A panic of world human hosts would be too large a problem to contain many would die suffer. No one would care about the end of their lives or going to jail for doing terrible things are crimes to other people all order would have been lost. Even the government would have to step in and take control. The aliens here that the United States government would try to take over the move as they try to take over everything that they tried to possess technology and use it against them by taking over the move and making slaves of the aliens who are just trying to help us and save our lives and families and lost supreme nature. Destruction of the universe itself. Jesus does not have to come back, because he’s already here and has never left our side. As long as the move is above us. So will Jesus be there to lift us up at that last day and save us. This is where Jesus Christ receives the name and honor and glory of being our Savior. Here on planet Earth. He is coming soon you hear this everywhere, but he has not far to travel because he is already above us. With all those aliens who have been rescued from their worlds that are willing to help us and rescue us from ours being destroyed. Why the aliens are here. It’s because they lost their homes, what the aliens are doing here is preparing a place in the move to save us. And many that follow why there are different types of aliens here on this earth at this time is because they were gathered up into the move. When they lost their worlds about the 2000-mile long ship. They don’t need one, because they are in the move, which is larger. By comparison, they just need to transfer us all to the move temporarily until we reach a New World and a new earth back in our galaxy that we have strayed from. They must fire up the engines in the move and return us back to the Milky Way galaxy that we strayed from. They will place us on a new planet earth and a city called Atlantis. Meaning defined as At Land us everything is connected; everything has a plan and a reason to exist. A black hole is not evil. It is nature’s way of keeping the galaxies from colliding against each other. A vacuum cleaner for space. Basically to keep gods kingdom, clean from debris. So now you have the answer to the questions. You seek I can only say that Jesus said no man may no the day sept he be of God, but by faith I know He will be here in time to help us leave this Planet before that disaster begins Jesus never lies. By faith we will be lifted up at that last day sometime between now and 2012 that is all I can tell you. When the trumpets call you just be ready to leave .just go on with your normal life as planed, you will know it when they arrive, All I ask is tell everyone about the message so they know about there safety when they leave, we don’t want everyone to panic and hide from the rescue your friend Don Ray Walton, Ps hope to see you all make it to the new Earth and please try to stay alive for the rescue do not be fooled into believing you have to dye to be saved.

    your friend and author of the coming human aliens, Don Ray Walton Alien message to man End of Earth not yours or our fault My friends, it is with deep regret in my heart called the Holy Ghost conscience, to give to you a message to save the human race on your Solar System known to us as Trysun. On or around January 8, 2008 a a flying saucer appeared over Lake Fort Phantom 10 miles from Abilene, Texas, their mission was to contact Chance, to give him extraterrestrial information on the last chapter of his book the coming human aliens. It is with deep regret that Chance brings you information that aliens showed chance about the end of your earth in the solar system known to them as Trysun. On May 18, 1980 your solar system known to the aliens as Trysun transpired, a planetary alignment, where all nine planets came into a direct and straight line causing a vertical in balance of the first central core on earth to draw toward the gravitational pull of your sun. During this time, a great force of pressure built within all nine planets central cores drawn by the gravity gave an extreme pressure release known to mankind as a volcanic eruption. Mount Saint Helen’s Washington State USA on May 18 1980 was the eruption on this planet in the nine-planet array line up; this turned your solar system into a giant rocket engine. The volcano eruptions acted as retro rockets and your entire solar system known to us as Trysun left. Its safety zone in your galaxy and headed directly for a black hole in space. This event shortened the life spans of the human host populations of your planet Earth By the year of 2012 your planet earth will be no more, we the Angels of heaven and your creator know that they human host children population of your world known to us as planet Earth are not responsible for this event and are innocent creatures in need of rescuing. We the guardians by the authority of our creator are chosen to rescue your human host population from extinction into the black hole. Those of you on your planet, who decide they do not want to die or be sucked into that black hole of nothingness, will be allowed to leave with us and be transported to a new earth in a safety zone and a safe place of Haven. The prophecy of Christ begins. Do not mistake this message by the aliens as a reason for religion. We are not, nor never have been a religious cult. We are simple rescuers of those who are in need of the rescuing with technologies far above that of your own and interplanetary capabilities. It is written, in your prophecies of old that we should come. The second resurrection of your world human hosts by your Savior Jesus Christ is at hand as promised. Jesus spoke, during the harvest of man. One shall stay one shall be taken. Jesus also spoke many are called, few are chosen. Revelations prophecy gives you this information. The graves will open the dead shall rise from them. This is not a resurrection from death to life, but because your world earth will have been sucked into the black hole of your son after it is extinguished by the black hole that it is sucked into a billion times the size of your own sun. Your sun will extinguish from the black holes gravity and suction of its auction that continues it to exist causing your sun to extinguish into a small black hole, which will in turn join with the large black hole. A billion times in its size. When this extinguishes happens to your sun your sun that gravity from it will pull all nine planets in two and inside its self as well. It is with deep regret, we the guardians of your universe are to inform you of this tragedy about your world known to us as solar system Trysun. In the year 2012 your world known to us as planet earth will end. This is what Jesus meant by a second death, the death of the human spirit known to us as light, Not even light can escape a black holes gravity to be trapped for all Eternity in a black holes gravity pull would be pure hell fire and brimstone. So you best stop fighting amongst your selves, and take a real close look at your futures. By the year 2012 your Solar System known to us as Trysun will encounter a black hole in your solar systems course Your Planets poles will shift and will release volcanic retro or pressures into space causing your Planet to head strait for the black hole with extreme speed. This is no joke no cult only serious few will be chosen. Jesus spoke, many are called, but few are chosen. The ones who will go with us must choose to go with us on their own free will. There will be no belongings of possessions taken to this New World earth. I hope you do not mistake this message as a cult, you will not have to die to be transported to the new Earth you are the reason for the save only life is important to us , you don’t save the dead only the living .what part of this message didn’t you understand. Jesus spoke I go now to prepare a place for you. A new earth and a safety zone galaxy will be your new home in Heaven, not by dying, but by living and accepting your lives. The elderly will not be left out anyone chosen by their own will, who wishes to travel to the New World will be given. What they need to multiply as far as new bodies are concerned. Jesus spoke, a sower of seed shall come, some of the seeds shall fall upon rocky ground, and these are the people of the planet earth that do not want to go to the safety zone and New World. He has prepared for them. Some shall fall in good soil. These are the seed of those who choose by their own free will to go with us to the New World earth and populated a multiply the New World. Some shall fall into thorns; they shall rise up and choked the good seed. The seed is the seed of truth about the end of your world earth. There are those among you, who will hear the truth of your world’s end, and believe in it. The Thorns are the people who convince them not to go or to trust us with their lives. These are those who choke the life from the seed of the truth about your world ending, as non believers, if you choose to listen to them, unfortunately. Your life and your last chance to save your selves or family will be lost. We the guardians of this universe by the authority of our creator and your creator have only one chance to save your world. Human host population by transporting you to the new earth with every available means of interplanetary transportation. We have available. There are approximately one hundred forty three thousand nine hundred and 99 alien ambassadors available heading to your earth at this time to try and save your world humans as many as possible and transport them to the New World earth that has been prepared by Jesus. If the Human race is added to their number there will be 144.000 races to the Milky Way Galaxy. We have been given a bad reputation by those on your planet as cattle mutilations abductees. When we are trying to terraform a New World earth for you human host population to be comfortable and provide the food sources and waters. You need in order to continue your life spans. The elderly people will be taken to a transporter reconfigured some atomic particle structuring codes transferring them to a perfect body containing their souls and memories of their lives with breeding capabilities to replenish the new planet earth. As in the prophecy of old eternal life shall be given to those who choose peace and a chance to join with us as rescuers of those who are in need of rescuing throughout the universe. Mans purpose is to travel the stars breed and continue to preserve the beautiful worlds. The creator has made through a long period of time and stop disasters before they happen to save lives and worlds that are in danger such as yours is at this time. It is with deep regret that we should have to relocate your world human hosts. At this time, but we know, you mean well. By our leader your Lord Jesus Christ. It is written your future to the guardians of the universe by order of the creator’s son Jesus. That human host population of the planet earth shall be added as the 144,000 race to the Army of God. The Army of God is not an army of vengeance or discipline. It is an army of love, th
    e hand of God and his unconditional rescuing of those who are in need known to our creator as the Salvation Army of Heaven and safe haven to all who are in need. We the guardians of the universe are the chosen you are the chosen by your own free will to join us in our quest to preserve what God has created. Our creator, the alpha and omega end of transmission Note to humans, shortly after transmission this craft was viewed by the STEPHENVILLE Texas people of planet Earth. Your government knows about the black hole. They are building a space station to try to preserve themselves and whom they choose to take with them before this happens. Warning to all humans on this world. Jesus is coming soon this plan must take effect in the removal of all human host, who are willing to go with us, must be done within the next three years before your earth and its solar system encounter the black holes gravity. If your planet and your solar system get too close to the black hole, we your guardians cannot save you from your destruction for our ships will be sucked into the black hole as well. Your government does not want you to know this truth. That’s about to happen to your world known as planet earth. Because it would cause a worldwide panic and your world humans would lose all order and care not about themselves or others. No matter what petty differences, no matter what crimes you have committed on your world. They mean nothing to us. We are simply transporters of human life. It makes no difference to us, the guardians how you live your lives. As long as you do not hurt others. Criminals in the justice system will be given a second chance. There is no need to hurt or destroy anyone or any property, because you cannot take it with you. All space must be reserved for life forms only. Humans must be removed first then pets or other life forms will be transported. You are not allowed to take anything but your selves your family your relatives. Your friends on to the spaceships. Everything that you need to survive will be given freely to you as far as shelter, nourishment and clothing. When you arrive on the New World. Your relatives, friends and their friends who have are ready passed on have been collected in spirit form and given new bodies on the New World earth waiting for your arrival. You are the last we placed the animals and everything to duplicate your New World Earth. As this one is so that you may be comfortable on the New World. It is written the first shall be the last in the last shall be the first the animals were our first choice to bring to prepare your way on the New World. You the human host population are the last, but the first because all this is done unconditionally for you and your children in order to supply and continual of your human host population. So you see, everything that we have done the guardians of the universe is to prepare a place to comfort you for eternity of eternal salvation. You all are our main purpose. To add new blood to our mission, multiply and love freely alpha and omega end of transmission. Dear readers a note from the Author, when I wrote this last chapter I received a message from a space craft above Eureka Springs. The final chapter of this book was done through extraterrestrial intervention called automatic writing. The date I wrote it was Sunday night 4 – 13 -08 at the time I was writing this final chapter of this book a giant purple fire ball was witnessed in the sky right over my hotel room by several witnesses of the UFO convention, As the object flew over them in the sky this object began to head strait up instead of downward like a meteor or something that may have been falling from the sky, witnesses at the hotel believed it to be some kind of a UFO.www. Galdepress. com Author Don Ray Walton The Coming Human aliens Note to the Readers, the 1947 Roswell crash was meant to reach our Capital in Washington DC; the Aliens were going to introduce themselves and warn us of the future disaster to prepare the Human race by introducing their technology to us all ,but the other Aliens didn’t think Mankind would live in peace without hatred and wars of destruction against their kind , and wage war and use their technology against them in the end ,so the other Aliens shot down the ship before they reached our Capital , The peaceful Aliens that Died in that crash were going to tell us about the upcoming disaster with the black hole, make friends with the humans by preparing them to leave on the space ships ,so man kind could be saved by knowing to get on the rescue crafts when they arrived on Earth at a later time . Travis Walton Fire in the Sky was taken in 1975 by mistake thinking he was me ,to give me the message then ,but I missed that ship because I hid from them ,at that time I thought they were the Bad Aliens trying to hurt me .Had Travis not feared the contact they would have told him the message then . Rare Planet Alignment in April and May By Joe Rao Special to SPACE. Com posted: 07:00 am ET 02 April 2002Several planets are assembling toward a rare alignment later this month, when five of them will crowd into a patch of sky small enough that all will be visible in a single glance. The setup will provide a planet-watching opportunity that won’t be repeated for a century. Even now, Jupiter, Mars and Saturn form a nearly straight line in the west each night. By late April, Mercury, Venus, Mars, and Saturn will all bunch up in the western sky just after sunset, with bright Jupiter also nearby. All nine of the planets will crowd into an even smaller patch of sky in early May. The nine planet array is a “standout” of the 21st Century, says Robert C. Victor, an astronomer who volunteers at the Abrams Planetarium of Michigan State University and has specialized in predicting and observing unusual configurations of the planets for nearly four decades. Victor said there will be only three other chances in the coming 100 years to see five planets so tightly grouped, in September 2040, July 2060, and November 2100. “But the groupings of 2040 and 2100 will have some of the planets barely above the horizon as darkness is falling, so viewers will likely have to resort to using binoculars,” Victor said. “None of these three groupings will be as accessible to casual sky watchers as the upcoming spectacular gathering in late April and early May.” Anyone with a clear view of the western sky will be able to observe the events as they unfold, night after night, with no equipment required. How it works a wide variety of different conjunctions and configurations involving the planets typically occur during the course of any given year. It is highly unusual, however, when three or more bright planets appear to reside in the same small area of the sky. From our Earthly vantage point and during much of the year, we can readily observe Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter and Saturn with our unaided eyes as they revolve around the Sun. Each of these planets appears to move against the starry background at their own speeds and along their own tracks. Because they move at different speeds and at varying distances from the Sun, the positions of all five planets at any particular time are unique to that particular moment. All of these naked eye planets — and the Moon as well — closely follow an imaginary line in the sky called the ecliptic, an important reference point in many respects for astronomers and sky watchers. The ecliptic is the apparent path that the Sun appears to take through the sky, over the course of the year, as a result of the Earth’s revolution around it. Technically, the ecliptic represents the extension or projection of the plane of the Earth’s orbit out towards the sky. But since the Moon and planets move in similar planes, these bodies, when visible in our sky, always stay relatively close to the ecliptic line. Twelve of the constellations through which the ecliptic passes form the Zodiac; their names, which can be readily identified on standard star charts, are familiar to millions of horoscope users who would be hard pressed to find them in the actual sky. Ancient readings Ancient people probably took n
    ote of the fact that the planets, resembling bright stars, had the freedom to wander in the heavens, while the other “fixed” stars remained rooted in their positions. This ability to move seemed to have an almost magical, god-like quality. It’s no wonder the planets came to be associated with the gods. Evidence lies in their very names, which represent ancient deities. The sky watchers of thousands of years ago must have deduced that if the movements of the planets had any significance at all, it was to inform those who could read celestial signs what fate held in store. Indeed, even to this day, there are those who firmly believe that the changing positions of the Sun, Moon and planets can have a decided effect on the destinies of individuals and nations on the Earth. But is there any chance that the impending planet lineup might have any influence on our lives in any way? “Forget it,” says Michael Shara, an astrophysicist at New York’s Rose Center for Earth and Space. “No astrologer can predict from planetary alignments or any other celestial configuration when a specific event, good or bad, will occur on Earth.” Astronomical amnesia Some people have suggested that the combined gravity of various planets lined up could tug at Earth and create colossal tides or even earthquakes. Scientists say there is no basis for this. In May 2000, a similar planet line-up occurred. In its advance, there were numerous astrological predictions of earthquakes, floods, wars and other disasters. Despite all the ballyhoo, absolutely nothing abnormal or unexpected happened that was in any way tied to the alignment, scientists say. “The planets in the night sky are always shifting in and out of celestial liaisons,” says Ed Krupp, Director of the Griffith Observatory in Los Angeles. “Astronomical amnesia allows us to forget the last time we saw them assembling for such a performance. We also usually fail to recall that none of the influential magical thinking attributed to the previous event ever materialized.” Victor, of the Abrams Planetarium, suggests even the most casual sky watchers make a concerted effort to go out and look up this spring, since planet gatherings will be few and far between in the next few years. The most compact gathering of Venus, Mars and Saturn that will be visible in the western evening sky from May 3-10 this year is just one of only five such planet trios easily visible in a dark sky between the years 1980 and 2050. The best view, he says, will be during the evenings of May 5th and 6th, when these three planets form an eye-catching compact triangle. The next time a tight planet trio will be seen in a dark sky will be in early August 2010, again involving Venus, Mars and Saturn. The Quest of God For God so loved the world meaning the planet Earth He gave his only begotten Son to try and save it, from destruction by man kinds bombs of wars of hatred and judgments that were about to unfold as mankind becomes even more evolved in his technology and nuclear weapons of mass destruction In danger this world was in. When man gained the knowledge of God with in. He gained the ability to make bombs. As he progressed along the road of life’s evolution. God knew the hatred between men. Would destroy the Earth in the end .So he sent a man called Christ to teach his wisdom of his right. Jesus taught us to love and not to hate. To give instead of take. To heal instead kill. And to install the ways of peace between men back then. So today wars of hatred might stand still. Jesus taught so all mankind might hear. The gift of Gods wisdom is plain and clear In addition, if mankind would listen to his seed, today our world could succeed. To live in peace and brotherly love. And share with our children the heaven of those stars above. At the tower of babble otherwise known to humans, as the great pyramid in Egypt. We the Angels of heaven gathered together from every planet in these star systems. Every human host of different races colors and tongues of human host form capable of multiplying. We loaded them on a spacecraft then placed the different world humans here on this planet Earth. As a test to see if you as humans being of one race would accept each other without hatred and judgment, to see if you as humans would work together in the spirit of love and peace. We the servants of God had hoped you would work together to help each other overcome your petty differences in a peaceful way moreover build a world with love for one another instead of hatred and judgment towards each other. God did not snap his fingers and change them. Free will means the right to choose your own ways good or bad. That is what this test planet was all about .If you take that away then there is no master plan for peace. Peace must be given not forced or commanded upon you. By free will open your ears please and take the time to open your hearts to the real truth of the Creators unconditional love. These people were brought here to this planet like Noah’s ark. Human beings were brought across the Galaxy from other planets. They had already evolved into different colors and races and languages. According to the worlds they were taken from. Then we released them all at once at the great Pyramid in Egypt. Because man was not open minded or educated he automatically assumed God was angry over the building of the tower to heaven and cursed them, as dumb as that may seem it happened just as such. How dumb is that? You humans then proceeded to write in your bible a misunderstanding that became a big fat lie about your Creator God. That tower was being built in order to reach our saucer. To this day the people of Egypt gather there in hopes of our returning. We know from other planets how humans behave towards someone who is different than they are

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    He broke it into two paragraphs, what more do you need?

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    I must say, that it always suprises me how literate the ramblings of the mad are (and dedicated!). Quite refreshing light entertainment.


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    superior education must be very expensive in california. it’s way easier to turn into a high school level prophet, as the one here and now… hi hi hi

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    Really amazing! Don Ray Walton have great knowledge.

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    sounds like plagrism to me, who writes like that??

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    Don Ray, Thank you for your time in posting your comments. From your other writings, I understand that you claim to be Travis Walton’s cousin like you claim that ‘everyone’ in the world is a cousin, in God’s eyes. Furthermore, I don’t believe that you “hid” from anyone. Though do I believe that at least some of what you wrote I could agree with (I’m sure it’s in there somewhere), it’s not cool to go around misrepresenting oneself, making a name for oneself by riding on someone else’s (i.e, Travis’) coattails. Finally, if you do want your writings to be received more credibly, and, since aliens in general are considered to have higher-than-average intelligence, maybe you should use your spellcheck every once in a while.

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