Creepy Commuting Chaplin


Olivia snapped this superbly composed shot, saying, “Super creepy makeup-caked Fake Chaplin on BART. His moustache is falling off. Liquor in his bag.” Link.

8 Responses to “Creepy Commuting Chaplin”

  1. fletch says:

    He can sometime be gound standing on the sidewalk and greeting passers-by out in front of one of the 50′s-themed “diners” on Powell near O’Farrell.

  2. fletch says:

    No comment editing? Someone fix that for me.

  3. Steve says:

    I’ve seen him for the past 10-15 years downtown (recently in front of Lori’s on Powell.) I believe he lives in Pleasant Hill and commutes on BART, as I used to live there and saw him around a lot.

  4. CP says:

    He’s got a gig at Lori’s Diner. For years I thought he was some Tenderloin street performer with a gimmick, but he’s actually employed by the restaurant from what I understand.

  5. raimondo says:

    does anyone remember Picasso – the guy on 16th Street who painted himself red?

  6. Glenparker says:

    The Redman is long gone.

  7. mpeyton says:

    I saw him the other day getting off the Bart in Concord!!! He’s really scary looking in person…