Up on the Corner

Ever since The Wire, when I hear “the corner,” I think of The Wire. Therefore, I look forward to eating at The Corner soon, because its name reminds me of The Wire.

Rita at the SF Appeal checked it out already and had quite a good time. In her writeup, we learn that the place has a sweet loft, and that the decor is supposed to remind us of some park in Brooklyn.

But my favorite part is the URL:


Solid job on the title change, Eve! (It’s called “Appealing Eats: The Corner.”)


The Corner on Sexpigeon.

The Corner on Eater SF.

4 Responses to “Up on the Corner”

  1. moonman says:

    You should read The Corner, the book by David Simon about West Baltimore.

  2. Allan Hough says:

    I saw the miniseries. It was pretty dope.

  3. SFDoggy says:

    The Corner has pretty goody food but the breakfast service is a rather ditzy.

  4. moonman says:

    The miniseries was great. The book is beyond amazing though. It covers these people so closely and expands in so many directions. Pretty much the best journalism I’ve ever come across.