Bourdain in the Mission

Tracie Broom had the scoop:

Anthony Bourdain is eating a torta (filming) at That’s It The Center Of The Mile corner store @ 23rd + Mission. Like, right now.

Well, three hours ago actually. Link.

And apparently he got his maple bacon latte too.


Tony Bourdain to Shoot Show in the Mission

5 Responses to “Bourdain in the Mission”

  1. guero says:

    Man. I knew there was fuckery involved when Alan changed it to the “end of the month”. It was either producer damage control or a fake out! God fuck it! Oh well. At least in the process, I got hooked on PRC. I was listening the other night and I heard D.I.’s “Richard Hung Himself”….now that brings back memories, I got to see those guys at the Farm (next to Potrero Del Sol formerly known as La Raza Park)back in like 1986!

  2. dickinburlingame says:

    I was at that show too!

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  4. daver says:

    M&C would kick That’s It in a fight.

  5. Marty says:

    A friend said she saw him at Place Pigalle in Hayes Valley on Tuesday (3/23)

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  8. Mikel says:

    Bourdain siting next to me today @dolores park cafe with a leaf shaped latte in hand