Slept With a Homeless Guy

The latest issue of Xploited Zine is online, and its theme is homelessness. The following is an excerpt from The One Time I Slept With a Homeless Guy by Virgie Tovar:

We met on Craigslist. At some point his homelessness started to fade against the background of our shared deviancy. He called me from the payphone at the Castro Safeway a few times. He sounded cute. We made a date and I made a couple of feeble attempts to back out. Yes, ok, because he was homeless, not because I worry about lunatics from Craigslist coming to my house and raping me or making me eat my own viscera in a sandwich or something. To be honest, my reticence stemmed from one thing, and one thing alone. I have this thing with dirty nails. They really freak me out, and I was worried that he would have dirty nails and then want to dig them into my back as he was going to town on my tits and mumbling “mommy”. I threw caution to the wind, gave him my address, and he showed up at my doorstep.

Read the rest for the gory details of their tryst.

The issue also features a story by Mission Mission’s Tomi Clark.

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