Get Some Art Straight From The Source


Well if this isn’t just the best pitch ever. Telephone and Soup sent us the above doodle along with the following details:

There’s more than a hundred of us [at Art Explosion Studios] which means lots and lots of art. And lots and lots of free wine at the opening reception. It’s an all weekend thing where folks can come and go, take a peak at all the artists’ work spaces and get some art straight from the source.

Friday, April 24th opening reception 7-11 pm
Saturday, April 25th 12-5 pm
Sunday, April 26th 12-5 pm

We’re at 744 Alabama, between 19th and 20th street, on the third floor. Telephone and Soup are at studio #326.

This is going to be good. Telephone and Soup spent some time in Mali where they learned how to stencil like pros. And now they’re putting the skill to use on a bunch of old disembodied window panes and frames.

And even if you don’t like that stuff, again there are a million other artists to visit as well, and lots of wine. And if that doesn’t do it, come for the panoramic views of the Mission from the building’s big, broad windows high above Harrison Street. (With Medjool shuttering and everything, this is sure to become the next neighborhood hotspot.)

2 Responses to “Get Some Art Straight From The Source”

  1. ct says:

    I went to this event last year (pretty sure it was the same place) and had a pretty good time.

  2. tk says:

    A friend of mine is showing at this event. Last year was a ton of fun and I found some great art for cheap. See you there!