Medjool Rooftop Bar Faces Daily $250 Fine

SFGate‘s City Insider speculates that this might truly be the end:

Starting as early as Friday, the restaurant’s politically connected owner, Gus Murad, faces daily fines of $250 for the hip bar. The Mission District hot spot, which has hosted more than its share of campaign fundraisers, was built illegally, according to city planners.

Read on for Medjool’s official reaction.

4 Responses to “Medjool Rooftop Bar Faces Daily $250 Fine”

  1. olu says:

    Well I guess I was wrong (again) I never thought things would get this far. But if medjool is right – and I think they are – they’ll probably be fine.

  2. jimbeam says:

    Medjool sucks, but this is ridiculous.

  3. generic says:

    Slap them with a huge, one-time fine.

    Make it a massive amount … not enough to put them out of business, but enough to really hurt.

    Then exempt them. The city at large isn’t all that concerned with this specific violation, but we shouldn’t set a precedent.

  4. Delcambre says:

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