Highway Sick With A Tank


Today on Fashionist, asked to describe her style philosophy, the girl on the left responds, “Highway sick with a tank. Loosen it up, baby.”

I like it, but was something lost in transcription? If not, what in god’s name does she mean? Link.


Tanks and Insects

12 Responses to “Highway Sick With A Tank”

  1. jimbeam says:

    I’d probably describe it as “high waisted pretentious”, but that’s just me.

  2. Fugly says:

    “I am inspired by my own body’s ugliness”

  3. johnny0 says:

    And her toes are pointed towards each other, we all know what that means…

  4. olewanei says:

    Urban Outfitters meets Faster, Pussycat! Kill! Kill!

  5. Glenparker says:

    I HATE cheap plastic rosaries.

  6. Front Yard says:

    Why do I have so much hate for this picture?

  7. natomahead says:

    it means she has no style.

  8. Mai says:

    transcription. my bad, being open to all possibilities, this happens.

  9. Mai says:

    she did say, “loosen it up baby’, so there’s that.

  10. sea cliff vert ramp says:

    She means she’s gangly and lame.

  11. Katie Ann says:

    Those look like some really uncomfortable clothes for lounging in a park.