Random Act of Aggression


An anonymous tipster tells us of pretty crazy scene from Saturday morning.  Allegedly two men were driving along Folsom and parked at the 22nd St light.  With multiple witnesses standing around the intersection, the passenger then got out of the car and started smashing the windows and body of an adjacent parked car with a large object (presumably a crowbar).  After making quite a scene and not even stealing anything, they sped off down Folsom.

5 Responses to “Random Act of Aggression”

  1. mcas says:

    A story like that sounds less like ‘random’ and more like someone exacting revenge (drugs/relationship/general money-owing…).

  2. mamiel says:

    I have a Mission-related story I want you to cover. Can we talk?

  3. Glenparker says:

    Come on, that’s just what passes for street art these days.