Jack Daniels Kidnapped!

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Yeah, it’s a cat. He’s cute and partially blind and very dependent on his brother, from whom he’s been separated, by thieves. Keep your eyes peeled.

Full press release after the jump:

Stolen Kitten: Please Help The SF/SPCA Find “Jack Daniels”
Partially-Blind 3 Month Old Kitten Stolen from Maddie’s Adoption Center
San Francisco


Today, July 8, 2009, between 2-3:45 pm PT, three month old kitten, “Jack Daniels,” was stolen from The SF/SPCA’s Maddie’s Adoption Center at 250 Florida St. San Francisco. A description of the perpetrator(s) is not available.

A description of the cat is as follows:

* Color: Black
* Sex: male
* Breed: Domestic Short Hair
* Age: 3 months
* Weight: approximately 3.0 pounds
* Distinguishing characteristics: cloudy eyes (partially blind)
* Neutered
* Microchipped (#982009105787461)

He is a partially-blind kitten, who depends on his brother for many of life’s necessities.

He is particularly vulnerable and we are gravely concerned for his safety and well-being.

If you have any information, or if you see a kitten fitting this description please contact Kiska Icard, Communications Manager for The San Francisco SPCA, 415.760.4265. NO QUESTIONS ASKED!

The kitten can also be returned directly to The San Francisco SPCA’s Maddie’s Adoption Center, 250 Florida St. San Francisco, 415.522.3500, which is open daily 11 am-6 pm (Wednesdays 1:00 p.m. – 6:00 p.m.).


5 Responses to “Jack Daniels Kidnapped!”

  1. olu says:

    “He is a partially-blind kitten, who depends on his brother for many of life’s necessities.”

    I wonder what that means.
    It sucks that people steal animals. A friend of mine had a puppy stolen a few years back.

  2. Bibbadee says:

    that is really, really low

  3. Colonoscipated Californiacator says:

    Anyone who has ever attempted to pass through the phalanx of peta types who oversee adoption at the SF SPCA Hilton, would frankly understand how if someone connected with an animal up for said adoption — then had to face the adoption by fascist filtering of a process — they would on some level understand the impulse to just fucking take the future friend and run. That said, the margin between an impulse and actually doing something is the thin furry line between civilization and bedlam, so they do need to catch the thief. (I bet he’s wearing diamonds and a witch’s hat)

    • Gretle says:

      Facist filtering?
      I adopted a kitten three days ago. I filled out an adoption application, picked my kitten, talked to an adoption counselor about medical history, feeding, introduction to my current cats, dangers of outdoor cats – paid my adoption fee and off I went with my spayed, vaccinated, vet checked kitten.

      if that is facism, viva la revolution.

    • foon says:

      Yeah, it’s pretty insane the way they want to run some cursory check to make sure you will not kill/torture/eat/abuse/neglect/have sex with the absolutely helpless creature they are about to hand you. WTF.