Happy Looking Dead Pig

Happy Looking Dead Pig

At the new market at 18th and Mission.

14 Responses to “Happy Looking Dead Pig”

  1. cherokeebydesign says:

    Damn, to have it’s head cut off and various body part placed around it, he sure does seem happy.



  2. loosecharm says:

    He is happy because he knows he will be my next super burrito al pastor!

  3. foon says:

    What happened to when you would put shit like this behind a cut. I miss those halcyon days.

    • meave says:

      Alan we had an agreement. There was pie.

      • Ariel Dovas says:

        I dunno what the agreement was. But I do want to mention that I will agree to almost anything if pie is put in front of me.

        Also, as a pork lover, this picture makes me want to stop eating meat.

      • johnny0 says:

        We need a good chicken pot / pig pot pie place in the Mission.

      • zinzin says:

        that empanada joint probably isnt far off from chicken / pork pot pie. also, liberty cafe up on cortland (not too far from the mission) used to make a mean chicken pot pie. dunno if they still do.

        also, i gotta say, an agreement over pie…any agreement…well, shit. that’s an agreement. a pie agreement. stronger than written, stronger than verbal.

        then again, i like butcher shops too. (sorry meave).

      • Allan says:

        The agreement to which Meave is referring I believe was that I would always remember to put an NSFV or NSFM or something in the title of posts with dead animals in them. (Not Safe For Vegans; Not Safe For Meave.)

        In my defense, Ariel posted this, not me. In Ariel’s defense, 1) I forgot to mention the agreement and 2) the title of the post has the words DEAD PIG in it.

        In any case, Ariel, it’s a gorgeous shot.

  4. Juan says:

    The remodeled Duc Loi is quickly becoming my favorite grocery in town. Beautiful and clean, great butcher and fish counter (though I still prefer Sun Fat for my fish) and any kind of Asian item you need. I went there last week with a shopping list of obscure Vietnamese items (rice powder, sugar cane stalks) and the helpful guy stocking the shelves helped me find everything. He even showed me his favorite brand of fish sauce. Oh, and they have lychees right now.

    • zinzin says:

      also, they’ll order for you pretty much anything you ask for. they bring me in a big ol bag of pea shoots every other week. dont understand why they don’t stock em, but whatever. i ask the guy, and there they are a day later. super nice folks, really trying hard.

      viva duc loi.

    • k haas says:

      yeah duc loi! I am consistently amazed at how cheap their stuff is. Besides tons of sweet and weird Asian items, they also have a nice (and often inexpensive) section of organic produce – (snagged a carton of 99 cent organic strawberries recently) – and they have a range of hispanic products like queso fresco – and! they even various loose leaf South American mate’s including my favorite Argentinean Rosamonte Especial!

  5. zinzin says:

    yes duc loi is at 18th & mission. right on the corner under those condos. big beige building.