Popeye's Pandemonium

carlos reyes popeyes

Carlos Reyes peeped the scene earlier this evening. Cheap chicken? Hot jobs? Link (and beware the autoplay).


Bonafide Chicken at Popeye’s by Zoe Stagg

9 Responses to “Popeye's Pandemonium”

  1. amypops says:

    $.99 2 piece chicken…on Tuesdays only! I’ve seen the queue start at 10am

  2. troymccluresf says:

    Yeah, the one on Divis gets a pretty impressive line on Tuesdays, too.

  3. derek says:

    Escape from NY has all slices for $2 on Tuesday also.

    • olu says:

      how much does one of their terrible slices cost normally?

      2$ for a slice doesn’t sound like a door-busting deal.

  4. Neb says:

    This is also known as white do-gooder day taking your homeless friend for a hot meal on 99 cent Tuesday. Avoid the bus lines near these locations because they stink.

    • ChunkyDoRight says:

      So, only white people help out the homeless? What’s the motivation for your snark? Should these “do-gooders” not give a hungry person a hot meal?

  5. Germ says:

    This is a known issue.

    The chicken craze on a Tuesday is not to be messed with, it’s legit.

  6. one says:

    yes, let’s mock the poors.