Purple Faces Popping Up All Over the Mission


So, does anybody have any ideas about who this guy is?

(Found at 23rd and Capp, 24th and Capp, and 18th and Shotwell)

10 Responses to “Purple Faces Popping Up All Over the Mission”

  1. Cracky says:

    Upon closer inspection they resemble babies with beards. Much like the ones that hang out at 17th and Capp.

  2. n,beach says:

    The artiste went or still goes to the San Francisco Art Institute as I’ve seen similarly made “posters” of the same style, paper and application location (down at the bottom of a telephone pole) – in the blocks near SFAI.

  3. gesus says:

    I first saw them pop up after Billy Mays died, that’s who I thought it was.

  4. mark says:

    i think there is/was one at valencia and 22nd too, on the side of a newspaper rack.

  5. Jim says:

    There’s also one at 771 Treat painted on the boarded-in window of a burned out building that’s been there for at least a month – maybe longer. But that one is blue.

  6. Rhiannon says:

    On Shotwell at 22-23rd ish is another one, maybe yellow and purple? I don’t remember, it was late. It’s been there at least a month too.

  7. Junk Thief says:

    I’ve yet to see them east of Folsom. I fear it’s one of those bear festival things.

  8. bonita bohemian says:

    24th & shotwell and 24th & capp also….dudes getting around…..I was trying to figure out if the guy is supposed to be someone. It would be pretty funny/weird if dude was wheat pasting up himself. =)

  9. Modesto says:

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