Hipster Girlfolk Are Nothing to Look at Really

New in the running for Comment of the Year is this gem by one William Applebaum, on a post about Potrero del Sol Park:

you should keep the mission hipsters in dolores park. it would suck for them to ruin our skate park. they litter alot and play shitty music and the hipster girlfolk are nothing to look at really.

if we will stay out of your hipster heaven and then will you please stay the fuck out of our skate park?

otherwise i feel i might need to start hurting hipsters in many different physical ways and finish letting the air out of their tires on their bikes and selling them for cheap to the homeless that live under the 101 highway.

thank you.

No, thank you, William.


37 Responses to “Hipster Girlfolk Are Nothing to Look at Really”

  1. jimbeam says:

    I am so confused. How are “skaters” different than “hipsters” with skateboards?

  2. mamiel says:

    Yeah, I thought skaters ARE hipsters.

  3. Mario Incandenza says:

    The word “hipster” is so fucking tired.

  4. Bjorn Toulousse says:

    That used to be a low rider park in the 70s, ese.

  5. jenett says:

    fuck yeah, william! FUCK. YEAH!

  6. sf_Jef says:

    The only problem is, these two groups will inevitably cross paths when the Dolores Park crowd walks to BART to go home and the skate-park crowd walks to Delirium to score blow.

    The only safe haven is Este Noche.

  7. amorphous and hip says:

    hipster (noun) – is another word for the “other”. it seems like the confusion is that from a high level you might say all these people are hipsters when you believe you are a something else. at the micro level a hipster is a person in a different clique despite the fact that both cliques may share strong affinities to particular cultural elements.

  8. med says:

    fuck yeah, william! FUCK. YEAH!

  9. TK says:

    As someone said one time on another blog (Ok, it was me), a hipster is someone you don’t like who goes to the same places you do.

    In my experience, hipster girlfolk run the gamut from plain to stunning, just like girlfolk and menfolk and skatefolk everywhere.

  10. Madnomad says:

    Either you’re black, latino or a hipster if you live in that city. God I wished the skaters would be out of that skate park. Before the remodeling a few years ago, that place was great to hang out with gangsters and addicts.

  11. huh? this is bizarro land. when was a skater anyone besides someone who skateboarded? and why should anyone who skateboards stay out of the skatepark?

  12. oh wait i didn’t get it. also, whoever that dude is is an ITG and is probably nothing to look at (or fear).

  13. lanablana says:

    i think what dude is trying to say is that a nice park that people go to for a reason BESIDES drinking beer stays nice because it’s not swarming with hippies, yuppies, and the kinds of people who wear leather pants and indian headresses and high heels to hang out in the goddamn park (i.e. HIPSTERS). portrero del sol park is a really sweet alternative to dolores, which has frankly become lollapalooza: full of posers who throw their trash everywhere and glorify flannel shirts. pds park is quieter, cleaner, and can have shows that don’t get busted by cops!

  14. William has it mostly right, everything except the bit about the chicks. The last thing we need is for Potrero to get blown out by food carts, fixies and even more kooks that don’t skate.

  15. Bjorn Teuleuse says:

    two things:

    Will the culprit who is taking my name and changing the spelling to post on this website please refrain from doing so(Bjorn Toulousse)?
    Show your face thief!

    i agree that Potrero Del Sol is a nicer alternative to Dolores. no scene. no trash. no competing boom blasters playing bad music. With that said, even if a posting on a blog could turn a the whole lot of those folks away from Dolores to another park. Dolores is central; blocks away from 3 major neighborhoods, and not bound on two sides by a freeway, so no one is going to start frequenting it as much.

    • jimbeam says:

      He’s not “taking” your name.

      His name is Bjorn Toulousse. Your name is Bjorn Teuleuse.

      Learn to share.

      • Bjorn Toulousse says:

        Thanks for the backup dude…I tried to spell it like the artist Leutrec…which also looks mispelled and I not going to bother looking it up. Let the skaters skate and the hipsters hip.

      • Jeambeam says:

        suck a dick jimbeam, i’ll just start posting under this alias

      • jimbeam says:

        Haha, you can do whatever you want, although the whole homophobic thing is a little played out.

      • Bjorn Teuleuse says:

        right, that’s exactly what i was aiming for, was to slander your sexuality….i don’t know if you are a man or a woman, so that’s out the door, if anything it’s hegemony. Also, I’m queer so there goes the homophobic accusation. (yes, i know some queer folks are themselves homophobes…but i assure you, that isn’t the case here)
        But i do apologize if you took offense to my comment, it wasn’t my intention.
        anyhow, i’m done with this thread…if this other mission mission denizen wants to use that name, i could really give two shits…its just a name that i have used to populate the information superhighway and i wouldn’t want anyone to confuse a comment someone else has made for a comment i’ve made…especially when it is as incoherent as;

        “that was directed at “DA TRUFF” btfw. -Which comes off as DA TRUFF(LE) not DA TROOF btfw.”

        also: abbreviations are obnoxious btw…

    • Bjorn Toulousse says:

      Do you really think you’re the only douchebagge who has come up with that handle? Gimme a break! It’s been played out for years. Fight me for it if means that much to you…otherwise, your own precious remarks will be watered-down by my less than stellar version on blog drivel. Real talk.

      • Bjorn Tosuckadick says:

        i’m not suggesting that i’m the originator of this moniker, but it seems like it could have have been slightly easier to pic a different one considering the name is already being used in some fashion

  16. Kate says:

    “the hipster girlfolk are nothing to look at really.”

    It’s always nice to see that young men haven’t forgotten how to attempt to put a woman in her place. Women only exist to be attractive and titillating to men, and don’t you forget it!
    And making that the post title, Allan? Come on.

  17. Bjorn Toulousse says:

    I never saw it in use before, but since it is, there’s no way I’m changing it to be ‘nice’ to some ethug bully.

  18. Bjorn Toulousse says:

    suit yourself

  19. Bjorn Toulouse says:

    I changed my mind…I changed the name to better reflect the sort of portmanteau of my favorite tennis player and artist.

  20. Ted says:

    I seriously wouldn’t mind hipsters at all if the girls weren’t so ugly and bitchy. Flash art tattoos, clothes lookin straight off a bum. You clearly aren’t trying to impress anyone walking around with a look on your face like you just drank sour milk. So who gives a shit if I throw a look of disgust your way every so often. It’s fucking america man.

  21. Ted says:

    besides when was the last time it was fun to go to a park you fucking nerds