The Attic and Clooney's: San Francisco's Best Dives


This is the closest I've ever come to going inside Clooney's, which is sad.

Some London bloke recently came stateside on assignment to find “San Francisco’s Best Dive Bars.”  Interestingly enough, his two Mission choices were The Attic and Clooney’s.  Really?

On the subject on Clooney’s, it appears it was recently sold to a new owner (see sign above).  I cannot wait to see what goes down there.  I bet it turns into the next Medjool.


21 Responses to “The Attic and Clooney's: San Francisco's Best Dives”

  1. felixincognito says:

    i’m a fan of the dovre club. but as far as dives go, perhaps carlos bar should be in the running.

  2. eddo says:

    Clooney’s has been vulnerable for awhile. The guys at Broken Record were checking it out before they decided to move into the Excelsior/Crocker Amazon space a couple years ago.

    Anyways, on a totally different note, the quality of this blog has really declined in the past couple of months IMO. It used to offer rational commentary on issues and places in The Mission, and I liked it. There are still some awesome posts, but they’re littered with too many blurry iPhone shots and two line snarky Gawker-esque commentary posts that offer little or no insight on life or happenings in 94110. C’mon guys, this is a great blog, and I’m of the opinion that if you have nothing good to say, don’t say anything at all. The Mission is more than bike kids living on Capp Street & Dolores Park & blogger inside jokes :)

    • Lionel Hutz says:

      Here here! I couldn’t agree. MissionMission has turned into SFist 2.0.

    • getitstraightgotobenders says:

      You’re exactly right, there’s more to the MIssion than crappy bike kids and their crappy art, there’s BENDER’S!!!

    • Lurker Spaz says:

      As with any blog, lurker spaz common-taters could bring it down at any time. Running a blog about hip stuff is a suicide gambit…hip people and their friends slurp it up and move on. MM should just continue the downward spiral rather than trying to appease the high-brows with Issue Talk as eddo seems to suggest. Let it crash and burn and maybe keep a couple friends you made along the way.listen to these entitled whiners complaining…..this blog doesn’t owe you shit, little bitches!!. Free Blogs will always eat themselves eventually.

  3. Mission Mistaken says:

    Actually SFist is less snarky. It at least presumes that people are interested in something other than under employed 35 year old guys with Peter Pan syndrome.

  4. tk says:

    I went in to Clooney’s a few years ago and it was almost Twin Peaksian. There was an older couple arguing, and the woman started crying, and then later they were dancing, slowly swaying back and forth to Sinatra on the jukebox. It was kind of sweet but toally surreal. Nice bartender, too.

    The Attic is not a dive bar.

  5. olu says:

    I agree with Tk that The Attic is not a dive bar – and i agree felixincognito about the Dovre.

    Clooney’s is the real thing though. I went for first call once and the bartender’s hand was shaking so hard he couldn’t pour my shot without spilling it.

    The actual review is pretty confused about the meaning of dive bars referencing Cheers (from the TV show) but it does give love to Li Po which is an all-time great.

    • jimbeam says:

      Here we go with the semantic arguments about what is or is not a dive bar.

      • tk says:

        Of course! It’s more fun than arguing about abortion or whether Babe Ruth or Willie Mays is the best baseball player of all time.

        For one, if people go there because it’s a dive bar, then it’s not a dive bar.

  6. friscolex says:

    I went into Clooney’s when I was 16 to use their payphone. They were very nice. I wonder if 16-year-old kids now know what a payphone is?

  7. dookiestain says:

    I used to live near Clooney’s. There were always Marina types slummin for coke or 3-ways on the weekend mornings. What a strange mix of people.

  8. Juan says:

    Clooney’s is terrifying (at least that was almost my impression when I lived on the block). But I’m glad places like that exist in SF, a defiant middle finger to the hip and gentrifying people and businesses around it. O’Greenberg’s in outer Noe is another example of this. Locals rarely drink there nowadays, it’s the guys (and yes, it’s mostly guys: roofers, cops, tradesmen) that grew up in the neighborhood but now live in places like Alamo and Antioch. But they still come back to their roots.

    In re: this blog’s decline. I have noticed a bit more of the blurry pic/one liner type-of-post lately, and I do enjoy the longer/neighborhood issues pieces more, but the last time I looked, I pay nothing for the pleasure of reading this blog, and I suspect the writers/editors make nothing off of it, except a bit of narrow fame and the occasional comped vegan disaster.

    Oh, and the Dovre is an excellent bar, dive or not. Just a good bar.

  9. Neo Displacer says:

    Has missionmission declined? I thought so, I attributed it to less Alan and summer (you know last century on TV things got slower in summer) So now that fall is nearly here we’ll see about my summer theory. As far as Alan goes, so goes missionmission. Sorry to the other writers but was it not his vision in the first place or did I miss something

    Clooney’s! this is the only bar that I’ve seen someone passed out with his head on the bar and the bartender did nothing. Most bars, passing out, that’s an ass whupin’, Clooney’s couldn’t have been more blasé. Oh and the barfly was real interested in my friend. Within 15 minutes she was sitting on his lap running her fingers through his hair. He was skeeved but not enough to make her stop. I had a good chuckle

  10. emamd says:

    Clooney’s – there’s no better place to hit up at 11:00am on a Sunday.

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