Clooney's: The Next Hot Bar in the Mission

I had never been down to Clooney’s before but commenters constantly mentioned this as potentially one of the diviest shitholes in the Mission.  Turns out it isn’t that shitty but a pretty badass spot.  There are no $2 cans of PBR but $2.25 Busch pints seem like a worthy replacement.  Bonus points for n’sync on the jukebox, free hot dog night (Vegans: call Clooney’s and demand Soy Pups!), an uncrowded pool table, a mini library (complete with legendary titles such as Star Trek: Possession and Gone with the Nerd), and the “I don’t give a fuck” attitude that you come to expect.  Best of all, the weekend warriors that bring down the quality of other Mission bars won’t come within striking distance of the place, so it can easily become the Mission’s cool kid refuge camp.

Clooney's Tavern: 1936

Found above the urinal

The Attic and Clooney's: San Francisco's Best Dives


This is the closest I've ever come to going inside Clooney's, which is sad.

Some London bloke recently came stateside on assignment to find “San Francisco’s Best Dive Bars.”  Interestingly enough, his two Mission choices were The Attic and Clooney’s.  Really?

On the subject on Clooney’s, it appears it was recently sold to a new owner (see sign above).  I cannot wait to see what goes down there.  I bet it turns into the next Medjool.


Shitty Kitty Gets Sloppy

Shitty Kitty spent an evening with mice Shotwell’s:



(Photo’s from Shotwell’s Twitter Stream)

Pop's Bar on Sunday Afternoon: Where People go to Fall Apart and Watch Epic Children's Movies

pops-babe-pigPop’s late on a Sunday afternoon…

I swear I didn't write this

Look at this gem I found in today’s Missed Connections:


“cute white girl with bandanna at delirium saturday night. – 25 (mission district)”:

you had a tshirt and jeans on and a cute little bandanna around your neck. i was wearing jeans, tshirt, and a cute little bandanna too. We kinda matched. You have a tattoo i believe a band around your left bicep. You look more like a harcore kid than a hipster. Your guy friends were totally entertaining, the one in the suit and the aviators totally macked some asian girl right in front of me. You were totally cute. I am smitten. hope you had a good birthday. I’m always at delirium, maybe i’ll see you around.