Shit Gets Crazy on 16th Street


Real rat, stuffed rat, 40 oz. of the champagne of beers, fifth element, ninth gate, 16th street…

The list goes on, courtesy my roommate’s iPhone.  Ask me how!

8 Responses to “Shit Gets Crazy on 16th Street”

  1. zarah says:

    Oh yesss. I admired this rat as she rolled down 16th St today. Had a nice chat with the owner as well. Rat’s name is Sheba (Cheeba?). I commented on the rat’s red eyes and asked what it had been smoking. I was told she doesn’t smoke, but prefers beer over hard alcohol. Sheba the rat is also a virgin. “Can’t have too many rats running around. Once they start, they can’t stop.” Oh, you know those Mission rats.

    I know. TMI. But I was intrigued by Sheba.

  2. El pozo deja para ver, 40 de Miller, dos ratas, y los vídeos de una lengua más española que usted puede sacudir un palillo en — ¿qué más podría un individuo pedir?

  3. olu says:

    why all the westerns I wonder – those were for sale i assume?

  4. Shawna says:

    The Fifth Element = possibly the best movie of all time

  5. Silly says:

    This should be entitled “Shit gets NORMAL on 16th Street”

  6. Pooza says:

    I love the crazy!