Update: Guardian Angels Are Helping Out

A few days ago we were curious if the Guardian Angels were actually accomplishing anything.  SFist found the answer:

Via friend of SFist, Ted: Just saw a drug deal go down in front of an oblivious Guardian Angel at 16th and Mission. Then he held the door open for the drug dealer so he could enter Burger King wile counting his money, thanks for helping out, beret wearing urban mercenary!


3 Responses to “Update: Guardian Angels Are Helping Out”

  1. brian says:

    Eh, whatever. Unless those dudes can fly and shoot laser beams out of their eyes, they’re not gonna be putting a stop to drugs in the mission.

  2. jimbeam says:

    Also, if they bust some dude and are wrong that’s a huge lawsuit. They’re pretty much useless.

  3. Draco says:

    Oh hahaha. You watched a crime and the Angels didn’t see it. Well WTF did you do brainchild? Did you call the cops? Did you give the cops a description of the dealer? Chances are if you did, the cop would laugh at you and call you a nutjob behind your back. Whoe cares about some dude selling on a corner. I care more about aggressive panhandlers or rapists or thugs trying get in a fight with everyone. That’s when you’ll see the Angels step in. And if you see it and the Angels don’t, what the f stops you from telling the Angels??? You sound like one of those school hall monitors. Teacher, teacher, Bobby just sold pot to Jenny. Narc! Mind your own f n business unless you see violence, then be a man and help the victim, or at least call the police or an Angel.