BREAKING: Don't Let the Bedbugs Bite


Ew!  Check out this li’l testimonial I came across in the Yelp Talk section (jk, totally don’t hang out there) from Yelper Annie G:

This is for Mission residents/used book shoppers/ general word of caution–

I was in Dog Eared Books on Valencia yesterday afternoon reading in the armchair there and definitely picked up some painful bed bug bites all over the parts of my body that were in contact with the chair’s fabric.

Not posting this to rag on them in any way–I love that bookstore and go there all the time. I let them know, and just want to warn people because bed bug infestations are seriously bad news and can devastate furniture/buildings.

I’ve spent the day DIY fumigating my house and wanted to warn others….please avoid that place at least for the next few days until they get rid of that furniture!

Shitty, right?  Though I bet “DIY fumigating” means she bought a bottle of Febreze.

What book do you think Annie G was reading all afternoon?  Was it Twilight?

27 Responses to “BREAKING: Don't Let the Bedbugs Bite”

  1. Mission Mistaken says:

    This is why I refuse to let homeless dates stay over.

  2. olu says:

    can someone shed a little more light on this? according to the replies to her comment, if you really get bedbugs you have to basically declare a level 1 hazardous emergency and bag your clothes and call professionals.

    Surely someone here has had bed bugs, is this true?

    (B/c I think my building may have bed bugs)

    • Kat says:

      You know what, I bet it was just scabies. Every junior high has an epidemic of one of those.

    • monkeeknifefight says:

      Make your landlord to take care of it ASAP.

    • Theo says:

      My building had bed bugs – I live in an apartment building and everyone was going crazy – paying literally 1,000′s of dollars – basically like stuff in these posts.

      I went to and bought mattress and pillow encasements, o and a laundry bag – and then the whole thing blew over before I got any bed bugs. Saved so much hassle and money, and my whole building was jealous but I’m telling you the prevention is worth any price!!!

  3. Ariel Dovas says:

    I seriously question this person’s judgement in this case. Sounds like a major jump to conclusions. Maybe not, but would be pretty irresponsible for them to name Dog Eared if they haven’t done their work to really make sure this is how it happened.

  4. Erik says:

    Lots of things can bite you that aren’t bed bugs.

  5. Erik says:

    Also, if you really have bedbugs then a DIY fumigation isn’t going to do a damn thing. It would be easier to strip naked then burn your apartment down and start from scratch.

  6. Ciao says:

    1st off, she was in a chair, so of course they aren’t bedbugs.
    2ndly sounds more like she just got a rash or something, maybe she is allergic to bug pesticides that places spray on their furniture in hopes of not being ruined by allegations of infestations.

  7. Mike says:

    Skeptical. Annie G has an awful lot of reviews for medical marijuana clubs on her yelp page. Also: should you guys be posting unfounded allegations on your site? Could you have called them first or something to check? Seems like you could do alot of harm…

    • violet says:

      What do pot club reviews have to do with anything?! That ruins her credibility? Sounds like you’re the one posting “unfounded allegations”.

  8. Mission Mistaken says:

    Reviews of medical pot clubs? That sounds rich. I’m going to check that out right now.

  9. ev says:

    sorry, i have to comment – bed bugs don’t just live in beds.

  10. Cranky Old Mission Guy says:

    I got crabs from a street sofa, once.

  11. waltus says:

    You guys, Annie G works at Modern Times.

  12. Milton Burl says:

    Adobe has scorpions

  13. Cranky Old Mission Guy says:

    Actually, if I had to bet on any bookstore having bedbugs in its chairs, it would have been Adobe; I’ve seen Swan sitting there for hours.

  14. Dog Eared says:

    Hey there,

    The message over here has been received and as a public service we have now disposed of our big old red couch and cushioned chair. New furniture will be arriving soon. We will miss you old furniture but alas this day had to come. If you could spread this word that people need not fear that too would be rad.

  15. uncool says:

    Swan sleeps on the marble stoop of Mulai or whatever Thai. No bed – no bugs. But he has a helluva morning hack before he lights up a beard-stainer.

  16. uncool says:

    Just curious – how ‘Old’ are you Cranky?

  17. Milton Burl says:

    Yeah what’s the deal with that guy?

  18. mango says:

    mighty irresponsible of you to print this… highly unlikely she was bit by bed-bugs while sitting on the chair. Bed bugs are afraid of the light and tend to come out only at night. Dog-eared is a terrific bookstore and I hate to think they’re getting tainted by one yelper’s skin issues. I just might go buy myself a book..

  19. Was that the red upholstered furniture I saw outside dog eared books? If you have bed bugs, don’t leave your furniture on the street where someone will take it home. You aren’t supposed to be dumping stuff you don’t want on the street anyway, but we all do if we know it will be picked up and re-used. DOn’t let people re-use your shitty underwear or your infested furniture.

    • Dog Eared says:

      Actually, we had a professional hauler take the furniture away to the dump and until they showed up we had a sign warning people not to take it.

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