Dog Eared Books is Bedbug Free!

The fine folks at Dog Eared Books have spoken up!  Here’s what they have to say in response to all the bedbug shenanigans:

The message over here has been received and as a public service we have now disposed of our big old red couch and cushioned chair. New furniture will be arriving soon. We will miss you old furniture but alas this day had to come. If you could spread this word that people need not fear that too would be rad.

You heard ‘em, Annie G!  Go on and finish Twilight in a brand new La-Z-Boy!

BREAKING: Don't Let the Bedbugs Bite


Ew!  Check out this li’l testimonial I came across in the Yelp Talk section (jk, totally don’t hang out there) from Yelper Annie G:

This is for Mission residents/used book shoppers/ general word of caution–

I was in Dog Eared Books on Valencia yesterday afternoon reading in the armchair there and definitely picked up some painful bed bug bites all over the parts of my body that were in contact with the chair’s fabric.

Not posting this to rag on them in any way–I love that bookstore and go there all the time. I let them know, and just want to warn people because bed bug infestations are seriously bad news and can devastate furniture/buildings.

I’ve spent the day DIY fumigating my house and wanted to warn others….please avoid that place at least for the next few days until they get rid of that furniture!

Shitty, right?  Though I bet “DIY fumigating” means she bought a bottle of Febreze.

What book do you think Annie G was reading all afternoon?  Was it Twilight?