Dog Eared Books is Bedbug Free!

The fine folks at Dog Eared Books have spoken up!  Here’s what they have to say in response to all the bedbug shenanigans:

The message over here has been received and as a public service we have now disposed of our big old red couch and cushioned chair. New furniture will be arriving soon. We will miss you old furniture but alas this day had to come. If you could spread this word that people need not fear that too would be rad.

You heard ‘em, Annie G!  Go on and finish Twilight in a brand new La-Z-Boy!

5 Responses to “Dog Eared Books is Bedbug Free!”

  1. Urk. I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but getting new furniture will not solve the problem by any means. Bedbugs LAY THEIR EGGS IN BOOKS. Seriously. They’ll be back in a week, if they go away at all.

  2. Mission Mistaken says:

    If I could lay my egg in a book, I would save so much money on Porn DVD’s. Seriously.

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  5. jpppp says:

    I saw the red furniture outside last night sad

  6. Dog Eared says:

    Just a follow up–we had a professional exterminator come in to inspect, and we are officially bug-free. Yay.