Palace Steak House Closes


(Thanks Eric!)

palace steak house

19 Responses to “Palace Steak House Closes”

  1. loosecharm says:

    Ugh… I had suspected this. And it has happened. And this is really REALLY sad.

    Palace Steak House, you will be missed. For a number of reasons.

  2. emamd says:

    no no no I haven’t been there yet!

  3. Aw Fuck! I was just planning on writing about that place!

  4. carlos says:

    shit, that sucks. that place was hella good.

  5. travis says:

    I live above the palace family steak house and always wanted to go there.

    But I think steak is pretty gross, so I’m okay with never having done.

    It’s understandable that they closed because whenever I ambled by it was pretty empty.

    I hope another fucking check cashing institution doesn’t show up in its place.

  6. johnnymeow says:

    the food was mediocre, but i was literally a block away, at sizzler prices and a heaping of mashed potatoes it was a good cheap dinner.

    Something good will show up here its in prime real estate WITH a parking lot.

  7. emma says:

    noooooo! Palace had the cheapest prices and nicest owners.

  8. Mollena says:

    This is depressing. Between PFS and Original Joe’s, there are no cheap steak places left!

  9. fluffy says:

    I had always meant to go there but never got around to it. I kind of figured that they were closed for good when their original sign that said they’d reopen on September 9 was still up on the 30th.

    I did always wonder about how many years they were actually in operation, though, given that they had so many different “proudly serving for XX years” signs that were never the same as each other and seemed to go up a year every few months.

  10. Probly has something to do with the Better Streets plaza planned for Capp and Mission Streets

  11. SFDoggy says:

    I went there once; it wasn’t bad for the price, but it wasn’t compelling either. Maybe if I lived closer I would have gone back — the people were nice.

  12. dickinburlingame says:

    used to hit palace and tad’s a lot, back in the late 80′s when I was living in SF……… sad to lose another old timey place……

  13. guero says:

    a lot of good childhood memories about this place. If my old man had some extra cash, he would take us here on a Friday night.

  14. Blanche Du Blah says:

    A friend and i had a brief fling with this joint about a year ago. Inexpensive and OK food, but the real draw were the owners. There were pix of the husband/wife team up near the register from about 40 years ago, and they looked pretty much the same as present. But the untidiness and the 100 houseplants doomed this establishment. They were probably sick of working at this place, after 40 years I know I would. Adios “Palace”, I will miss your steak sandwiches.

  15. candlestickkid says:

    there’s a pool out already on what replaces it. Tapas bar, Sushi, pizza, noodle, or something else relatively expensive that no one in the neighborhood will afford to go to.

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  17. [...] widow’s weeds for some of the other, smaller restaurants that have left us, like Old Krakow, The Palace Steakhouse , and Clementine, just to name a [...]