Former SF Blogger Builds Something Rad Elsewhere

If you’re gonna be in New Orleans this weekend, do stop in and see former Curbed SF Interim Editor Jimmy Stamp’s new installation. Designed in collaboration with Sergio Padilla and Frederick Stivers, it’s called Orpheus Descending, and it involves projecting multicolored lights and Marlon Brando onto the interior walls of a huge tenty thing over Tennessee Williams’ old pool. It is badass, and part of the week-long DesCours architecture and art event.

Brando’s hands a-gropin’:

P.S. Yep, Jimmy is still the foxiest person at the party, even when he’s wearing some kind of space-age plastic vest.

P.P.S. New Orleans rules!

2 Responses to “Former SF Blogger Builds Something Rad Elsewhere”

  1. Mission Mistaken says:

    Tennessee’s place referenced must be his old house in the French Quarter, near Rampart Street. He would hit the nearby restaurants often with somewhat less than respectable looking gentlemen friends, often ending up in drunken verbal sparring… stories which my waiter friends would retell in drunken verbalizing of their own.

  2. Vic Wong says:

    fuckk is that the butter scene from Last Tango in Paris? I find that scene, like, so offensive towards women.