The Best Way to Transport a Mission Burrito to Somewhere as Far Away as Berlin

Our buddy Edward knows best:

I’ve worked out a pretty effective system for transporting burritos from the Bay to Berlin. Now if only I had a proper burrito with which to demonstrate this…

The trick is to keep the burrito upright and protected throughout your journey. So you need a tupperware that is half a super burrito tall and just wide enough to accommodate two burrito halves side by side. Great too if there’s room on top for salsa packs (3 oz or less). Line the tupperware with napkins and remove the foil, but not the paper from the burrito. Cut it in half and set the halves ends-down in the tupperware, then stow it upright in your carry-on, or underpants.

Even if you’re muling a saucy burrito, like La Calaca Loca’s super carnitas, it won’t turn soggy or slimy if you follow this method. Be sure to eat a burrito before leaving California, or it might not last the flight. When you arrive at your destination, crack a Tecate tall boy with your loved one, look at pictures of Dolores park on MM, and enjoy.

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Photo by world of jan.

3 Responses to “The Best Way to Transport a Mission Burrito to Somewhere as Far Away as Berlin”

  1. Bob Dole says:

    Just as long as you’re not transporting Veggie Burritos.

  2. chris says:

    What kind of burrito is wrapped in both foil AND paper?

  3. jen says:

    hmmm….i transported one to st louis just before the new year and i would suggest the addition of a zip lock bad ice, and then reheating. crap, i’m in india now and there is not a salty burrito in a 1000 mile radius.

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