Mission Mystery Machine Meter Maid

Snapped this up on 20th/Guerrero this morning.  It’s as if the Mystery Machine was shrunken down and decided to park too close to a DeLorean.  They are both interested in leaving present day. 

Or it’s just a wacky meter maid chillin’ by a clunker.  Either way, a mystery is afoot!

4 Responses to “Mission Mystery Machine Meter Maid”

  1. Jon says:

    On my block, my neighbor drives this thing around like she’s some hot shit. She’s not.

    • Tim says:

      I know the person who drives this, and I have to say, she is some hot shit! She also has a bad leg, so this is her way to make it around to all the Mission hot spots to show off her witty, artsy, glamorous self

  2. Stevezdw says:

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