Tony Bourdain and Bill Murray Talk Food and Pirates

Bill Murray wants to boat from island to island around the Philippines torpedoing pirates! Badass!

[via Molly Lambert]


Bourdain Bonanza!

8 Responses to “Tony Bourdain and Bill Murray Talk Food and Pirates”

  1. johnny0 says:

    That would be a most excellent pairing. Remember how Anthony Bourdain won Somalia’s Next Top Pirate competition last year?

  2. Dan says:

    How does this pertain to the Mission?

  3. @marycray says:

    This was sappy toward the end of the clip, but I love Bill Murray and will EAT UP anything he says. Oh SF-sh| t-talking Bourdain, I envy your supper with the funny man.

  4. Rosecrans says:

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