Start Your Own Mission Empire for $60

4 Used – Vendesign Carousel 4-in-1 Candy Vending Machines in good working condition
Very elegant looking. Ideal money maker – can be located in a corner of a business location. It occupies about one square foot of floor space. It has a rotating head that holds four plastic removable containers for easy refilling and cleaning. Can be filled with a variety of products. Requires little maintenance. Stands on a black metal sturdy frame, post and circular stand for stability. It will pay for itself in a few weeks. Asking $60 each OBO.

This baby has been sitting on Craiglist’s Mission Business page since the beginning of the month, and no one seems to realize its true potential.  All it takes is one hot idea and your humble starting spot in the corner of a liquor or dollar store can eventually become the Mission’s next Bi-Rite or El Farolito.  Twitter may have even started this way.

The tricky part is figuring out exactly what kind of killer app we can place inside that will make us RICH RICH RICH . . .


I like the thought here.  Dogs need treats all the time, and they’re going on walks all the time.  Sooner or later, dogwalkers will happen upon this machine, and they will find exactly what they need.  It’s too perfect not to work!  Are there enough dog walkers in the Mission, however?  You tell me.


I know that this is everyone’s first choice, so I just want to squelch this idea right away.  We have children to think about!


I agree that you have to keep them on their toes, but I just don’t see this ending very well.


Leave it to Japan to come up with this one.  At least no one will need an American Apparel store in the Mission for their Best Bottom Contest supplies.


Of course, we could always just get super meta and have a gumball machine that dispenses IDEAS for starting a gumball empire.  Yeah, that seems fitting.

5 Responses to “Start Your Own Mission Empire for $60”

  1. tk says:

    Those little airplane bottles of booze. WHERE DO I PICK UP MY NOBEL PRIZE????

  2. Vic Wong says:

    Laundry quarters, fill it with laundry quarters. Everyone always needs those, right?

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