We Might Be Giants


I found these miniature items attached to the wall of the building across the street from my apartment on Albion. The building is the one housing Kilowatt.



Tons more after the jump, and they just get better and better:







Update: By the way, if you think Charlie’s cute in these pictures, check him out in this video.

6 Responses to “We Might Be Giants”

  1. brittney says:

    These are great, as is that title.

  2. Jackson West says:

    Those are actually a very small piece of a very big thing. Whatever you do, don’t visit the address listed here.

  3. [...] at the popular San Francisco neighborhood blog Mission Mission, Tomi Laine Clark has documented a wonderful micro art installation she found on a wall across the street from her apartment. I highly recommend taking a look at the [...]

  4. [...] Miniature art installation (click for more images) in the Mission, SF (via Laughing Squid (via Mission Mission)) [...]

  5. John says:

    We have some Fairy doors in Ann Arbor, MI as well. =]

  6. eb says:

    cute dog – interested to know if he is a terrier, a poodle… or a labradoodle?

  7. [...] a few fairy doors in Noe Valley a few weeks ago, I learned there were also a few doors in the Mission. It looks like there used to be a few, I mean. There’s now only one, at the corner of Albion [...]

  8. Jonathan says:

    I think you will find older versions of that idea here> http://urban-fairies.com/ In Ann Arbor, Michigan. They date back to 1993.

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