Forlorn Candy Corn at SXSW


Plumpy (who is down in Austin for the good part of SXSW) found this specimen “[o]n a pole in the back patio of some tiny random bar.” Link.


Forlorn Candy Corn Porn

5 Responses to “Forlorn Candy Corn at SXSW”

  1. shawnbot says:

    Go, little buddy! GO!

  2. giant fur diaper says:

    I noticed the smile version that’s sometimes seen, on the cement retaining wall at the back of the empty lot next to the LGBT center. Easily seen from the street.

  3. diane says:

    saw it on a speaker at the fader fort too!

    (during diplo’s set)

  4. CandyCornLuvr says:

    What did he write under the Good in cursive?

    I love Matt Rodriguez’s art. Been looking all over for these and those little guys for years.

  5. CandyCornLuvr says:

    Maybe it says General? I can’t read it – too smudgy.