Spurned Scenester Sullies Sightly Street Art

Reader Eric S. fills us in on this bummer:

I live right across the alley from this Chris Lux piece, so I was pretty bummed out to see that someone sprayed hatred all over his art. One of my neighbors saw the act in progress and told me that it was all done by some angry young girl who had some serious beef with Lux.

Now I can’t help but wonder if he snubbed her at The Attic on Morrissey Night or pretended not to know her while attending an Apache show.

Well, graffiti enthusiasts, a spurned lover or some such defaces an artist’s work: Is it art?

48 Responses to “Spurned Scenester Sullies Sightly Street Art”

  1. Josh says:

    I’m pretty sure this is the same shithead that tagged inside the Grace Cathedral at the last EpiscoDisco. This person has little respect for art or much else. I wish someone had gotten a few more hugs from Mommy and Daddy–maybe we wouldn’t have to deal with these inane pleas for attention.

  2. Why didn’t your neighbor grab the person? She doesn’t sound too dangerous

  3. Sheabones says:

    Not sure…though my neighbor did mention that the irate girl was getting help from some local thugs in matching red garb, so that might have been a deterrent?

  4. AttF says:

    If it is the same girl from episcodisco, that little brat is shameless. After she was called out by the Nodzzz for almost ruining a wonderful free show in addition to tagging one of SF’s most well-known landmarks, she proceeded to berate everyone in attendance for about 20 minutes. Someone needs a slap and some meds.

  5. Sean says:

    It’s clearly personal and aimed at Lux (and unless you were an eyewitness to both acts, no way to tell if it’s the same as at Grace).

    For sake of discussion, if Lux did something to her, at any point would it be okay? Ever?

  6. Jewbacca says:

    I know exactly who this is, She has recently gone insane and lost ALL of her friends. FUCK HER

  7. Rod says:

    make up your minds about graffiti already, transplants.

    it’s ironic how some of you jump up to the defense of street art until it affects someone else’s street art.

    is this artistic expression not valid because it doesn’t have little smiling rainbow animals on it? or because it doesn’t make you feel all warm and cozy inside and might inspire emotions besides elation? is it less valid because the second artist didn’t go to an expensive art school and doesn’t schmooze with gallery owners?

    figure it out, either graffiti is cool or it isn’t, you don’t have editorial control over which pieces should and shouldn’t exist.

    • A. Lux says:

      alright first off… Chis’s art, my brother is on a legal wall, he had permission from the owner to paint a mural on their building. Its not tagging as you call it, its a mural. Like all the other murals in the mission.

      And what Katie did is fucked up! She is the same brat who tagged grace cathedral and fucked everything up at the Nodzzz show. Shes IS totally nuts and has isolated all of her friends and is compleatly crazy. It sucks she cant get the help she needs, but this is just wrong.

      Chris never did anything to her that would constitute this kind of bull shit.

  8. Sheabones says:

    I don’t think it’s artistic expression. She scribbled black paint over somebody’s piece, which is like screaming over an already recorded song. For her to call that artistic expression reeks MUCH more of interdisciplinary studies at CCA.

  9. Sheabones says:

    PS – Lux already repainted over her scribblings anyway.

  10. BabaBlacksheep says:

    Wow… what a dumb slut.

  11. moderniste says:

    Strange–I was at the Hell they call the County Health Building on Mission btwn 8th and 9th, where you sign up for Food Stamps and Gov’t Assistance, among other things.

    KKKatie’s ugly tag was on one of the poles directly outside of the main entrance–I noticed it and then was surprised to come home and find it on this blog!

    • whuut says:

      yeah ive seen a few kkkaties around town.

      i was hoping it was a girl being cute..

      and not really being into hater shit :(

      L A M E

      • emilie says:

        I’m sorry, maybe I missed something. What’s cute about tagging swastikas? Please, indulge me. No, don’t. Because anything you say will make you sound like an idiot.

  12. baseball bat to the face.

  13. cricket bat to the head.

  14. johnny0 says:

    Hockey stick to the five-hole.

  15. this is god says:

    I don’t know, I can’t imagine this “piece” looking all that much better without the swazis all over it. Just sayin’.

  16. dave says:

    This is hilarious. It’s like 9th graders fighting in the quad. I can’t imagine anyone gives a rat’s ass about your playground drama other than yourselves. Certainly no one’s gonna look at that crap on the corrugated iron shutter and say ‘oh no, somebody’s ruined the art, the Mission is suffering because of it!’

  17. Sheabones says:

    it’s really not as dramatic as you want it to be. but if you live here (or near), it’s just a bummer to walk out of your apartment and see a bunch of swastikas scribbled over something that’s kinda rad. kinda stoked he covered up the lameness in such a timely fashion :)

  18. jeez! says:

    most of you are so quick to assume that this girl is a “dumb slut”, a “hipster”, or filled with anger. She’s a decent chick, just troubled. Oh and ya just slap meds on troubled people. Isn’t that how you should fix all problems, by sweeping them under the rug?

  19. nym says:

    saw her tag outside the library on 24th and bartlett, too. girl’s mom needs to take away her sharpies

  20. Chyeah says:

    Sounds like a dumb cunt that needs to be run out of town.

  21. one says:


    It’s ok when your hero tags the sketchers sign and wonderfully pollutes the common space, but you’re all waaaah! waaaaaaaah! waaah! when it’s your stuff. hi-larious.

    and of course, the misogynistic comments – cunt, bitch, slut, etc, add just a touch of je ne sais crois that makes it oh so special.

    • uh-uh says:

      I think the argument is that there are walls designated for artists to paint murals on, and it’s annoying when anyone tags over said murals. Even when the mural is bad, it’s going to look a lot worse with some “troubled but decent chick’s” fucking annoying swastikas tagged all over it. And I’ll say it to her face when I see her, so don’t worry.

    • candy says:

      well said one!!! i thought this would be a real discussion about street art, but alas in anonymous forums it all boils down to name calling, etc.

  22. one says:

    what makes these posts even more precious is that this is someone you say, and who am I to disbelieve you, is mentally ill, and someone you know, I don’t hear any of you suggesting doing a goddam thing to help her. nor do you do anything when you actually see her tagging?!

  23. Grippo says:

    She’s the best!

  24. dan derek says:

    punks not dead! sf needs more graffiti
    writers like this

  25. confused says:

    found her zine on lastgasp.com. chicks crazy but i do like what she’s put together. very interesting/disturbed. Is it art? I’m confused/want to know the whole story behind her “revenge?”

  26. Internet guy says:

    for a supposed white supremacist, this kkkatie character can’t even get her nazi-swastikas right.

  27. Another Internet Dude says:

    Internet guy, she may be crazy, mean and a vandal; but I think she knows at least that she DID NOT draw a swastika. A swastika points the other direction, she drew the Indian (as in from India) version. Suck punch to the faux PC crowd.

  28. Meg says:

    Ugh this is the dumb little bitch that just tagged my building. I wish I’d have seen her do it. That is some bullshit racist ugly stuff to do.

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  30. Sam says:

    Yeah, I took a picture of this kkkatie jem on the muni last week.


    I won’t lie, it freaks me out when I see hate-tagging. Breeds a different sort of evil.

  31. chiller says:

    shes very ugly… picture problem child!!!!!

  32. aloha says:

    i know this chick and she does need mental help. i feel bad because she has a bunch of friends (or x-friends) that were probably encouraging her to tag and earn her cool points round da city. she is not a talented graf artist, never was. these monuments are really cool places that are not meant for graf, and most (graf) artists know that.

    i hope she gets the help she needs and find peace because she is really cute, interesting and nice, but needs to be on certain medication and not around people who encourage her dark side.

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  35. Tim Miller says:

    5 minute video piece from ABC/7:

    San Francisco graffiti artist charged with hate crime

    Includes 911 audio and witness interviews… bonus: they flash Aggressive Panhandler across the screen!

  36. diction says:

    okkk. that was exhausting.

  37. Gclub says:

    figure out, either graffiti is cool or it isn’t, you don’t have editorial control over which pieces should and shouldn’t exist.