Mission Mockingbird Car Alarm


A mockingbird just moved into the tree across the street.  It looks like he came from a rough neighborhood though, because the only song he seems to know is that car alarm loop ubiquitous to areas with high incidence of grand theft auto (vice city).  I recorded a few minutes of his performance at 4am on friday night/saturday morning so you can hear him go through the cycle a few times.

Let’s hope he meets an automotive-minded female mockingbird soon, because it’s going to be tough to find another housemate on craigslist if I have to keep explaining why my neighbors are wearing ear plugs to bed.  Between this and the fact that just to the left of that tree is the spot where Omer ends up (and spends hours yelling incoherently) when he gets too drunk to continue his regular Valencia serenade, it’s going to be tough!

4 Responses to “Mission Mockingbird Car Alarm”

  1. fluffy says:

    I’ve been hearing birds doing the car alarm loop for a while, but I can never manage to get a decent recording. Thanks for getting one, although this little guy doesn’t sound nearly as proficient as the one(s) near my home, who get the timing spot-on and do the full cycle in the correct order.

    It’s both hilarious and sad at the same time, what sorts of other effects we have on the environment.

  2. simoom says:

    Years ago when I lived with a couple D&B DJ’s, our resident mocking bird loved singing along with the D&B tunes. That bird came back year after year. I loved sitting in the back yard smoking, listening to my roomates and the bird make music together, man that bird had excellent timing!!!

  3. Rick Sakow says:

    I live by 25th and Hampshire and this bird drives me nuts. The first time I thought it was precious / amazing, but come one! Change your tune, sweetie.

  4. Łowiczanka says:

    Love the car alarm ! I had a Mockingbird who sang Polish songs .
    Read more about Mockingbirds in my blog…