Copycat tree

I ran into these guys on San Jose between 23rd and 24th, filming local character Omer Travers talking about his favorite tree and playing some original songs. According to Omer, this tree — which he often sits in front of — mimics his dance moves in the wind and must be a “bonsai maple” because of its tiny leaves. What will become of this documentary project is yet to be determined, but stay tuned, and we may find out.



Electric guitar rather than acoustic.  Instead of Bum-Jovi, think Hobo Costello.  Swap drunken La Bamba for (even lower-fi) Pixies and Sonic Youth covers.  An Italian deli for a French bistro.

Word on the street is he lives with his dad and once climbed into Lennon’s hotel room.

'Where's Omer?' Valencia Mural

OMG the Mish! was all “OMG!” over this mural of Valencia Street on the wall South End Grill ‘n’ Bar. Look closely and you can spot Omer the rocker (aka Bum Jovi)!

If you want another challenge, see if you also spot the six things that are missing from this mural. Answers over at OMGTM.

Omer's Favorite Breakfast Cerals

Brainslip brings us some hard-hitting reporting about everyone’s favorite foul-mouthed Mission troubadour/celebrity stalker Omer. So read on if you’re curious about “Omer’s Favorite Breakfast Cereals Of All Time“. (I’m surprised Yoko-O’s didn’t make the list)

Mission Mockingbird Car Alarm


A mockingbird just moved into the tree across the street.  It looks like he came from a rough neighborhood though, because the only song he seems to know is that car alarm loop ubiquitous to areas with high incidence of grand theft auto (vice city).  I recorded a few minutes of his performance at 4am on friday night/saturday morning so you can hear him go through the cycle a few times.

Let’s hope he meets an automotive-minded female mockingbird soon, because it’s going to be tough to find another housemate on craigslist if I have to keep explaining why my neighbors are wearing ear plugs to bed.  Between this and the fact that just to the left of that tree is the spot where Omer ends up (and spends hours yelling incoherently) when he gets too drunk to continue his regular Valencia serenade, it’s going to be tough!