That 'Hmmm, I Could Hang Out Here' Feeling

Over at 40 Going on 28, TK and his intrepid New Bar Night crew (not pictured) ventured south on Mission Street into the wilds of Bernal Heights, where they found a dive they liked, St. Mary’s Pub:

[I]t’s more that undefinable “Hmmm, I could hang out here” feeling. I mean, there’s nothing really special or extraordinary about this place. It’s just a nice, mellow bar. Sometimes you just want a bar and not a Scene.

Link. Amen. Lots of Scenes back in our neck of the woods. What’s everybody’s favorite “Hmmm, I could hang out here” bar?

Photo by David Gallagher.

13 Responses to “That 'Hmmm, I Could Hang Out Here' Feeling”

  1. Ryan says:


  2. tea says:

    “St. Mary’s Pub” is in St. Mary’s Park not Bernal Heights, and is a scuzzy-ass bar. The Wild Side West is always chill, as is the 500 Club (less scuzzy).

    • friscolex says:

      While that side of Crescent could very loosely be called St. Mary’s Park, I would imagine that the people that live there and pay a pretty penny for the privilege of belonging to that development, would take issue. I tend to think St. Mary’s Park really begins where it’s marked a bit off Mission and Crescent. That’s what I’ve always thought, at least.

      Also, seems like the 500 Club is the exact opposite of what someone trying to get away from the Scene would like, non? And maybe the Wild Side West would be a bit lesbian for what he’s looking for? Just a thought. (Well, actually, two.)

  3. friscolex says:

    Hey maybe this will convince people to actually come to my hood! (On the other side of San Jose Ave.) And then I will stop having to explain that, no, Glen Park is not Daly City. Or maybe I’m supposed to keep it a secret? Oops.

  4. dummydiscards says:

    does anyone have any experience at the 3300 club on 29th and mission? i’ve seen that place for years now and it looks like a rad bar to go and watch “the game.”

    • friscolex says:

      Watch the game and eat the burrito, too! (IMO best pollo asado in the City comes from El Gran Taco Loco; I swear they must marinate that chicken for days in onions. FLAVAH!) That bar is long and strange, from my experience…

    • tk says:

      I’ve been a few times (including last night). It’s a very “regulars” scene – everyone there seemed to know each other. Totally friendly bartender. Average age was about 65.

      I could see watching a game there.

  5. dave says:

    “Hmmm, I could hang out here”. Hmmm how utterly patronizing.

  6. Inquell says:

    Hmm, I could hang out at Cassanova. I always have a good time there. Could be the couches.

  7. yentu says:

    Patronizing as in “this could be a place I patronize (or, alternatively, frequent)”, yes. There are places you wanna hang and places you don’t. Is expressing that condescension?