Your Milkshake Would Bring All the Boys to the Yard

At Amy’s in Austin I had an amazing peanut-butter-and-honey-sandwich milkshake. It was like I was drinking a peanut-butter-and-honey sandwich! And who among us hasn’t always wanted to do that!?

The girl behind the counter had explained that their peanut-butter-and-honey-sandwich ice cream is made with real peanut-butter-and-honey sandwiches, so a couple weeks later I decided to try to recreate it on my own, and I learned the hard way how important it is you take off the crusts. Because nobody ever orders their milkshake “extra fibrous.”

The thing is, I wouldn’t have had this problem were one of my neighborhood’s premiere fancy-pants ice creameries kind enough to make shakes. Why do neither of our neighborhood’s premiere fancy-pants ice creameries make shakes!?

Wouldn’t we all love a strawberry-balsamic shake? Or a Secret Breakfast shake for heaven’s sake? For heaven’s shake?

P.S. The dependable everyday photos snapped this photo somewhere in the Bay Area this weekend I think.


Secret Breakfasts Plus Shots of Beam

6 Responses to “Your Milkshake Would Bring All the Boys to the Yard”

  1. Jose says:

    This is at TrueBurger in Oakland. What do I win?

  2. Rhiannon says:

    I’ve managed, with my superior skill, to convince Alex at Rodger’s Coffee, which serves delicious coffees AS WELL AS Strauss Organic Ice Cream (none of this yogurt hooha) to make me coffee milkshakes, by pouring the hot espresso into ice cream in a plastic togo cup, then stirring it until perfect, and adding a bit of milk.

    It’s called “The Rhiannon Special”.


  3. Shake Lover says:

    Here’s the plan: send one of your intrepid reporters over to the Bi-Rite Soft Serve window. As of Friday, there were at least four and, get this, possibly five, spelling errors on the menu. I’m talking the menu that is right in front of your crotchatorial region as your stand in front of the window and order. Take a picture of it and threaten to make it public if they don’t offer shakes.

    Mistakes include: penuts, pistacios, homade (x2) and one other I can’t remember (at least I think so).

    These abominations are simply unacceptable. Can you imagine how many children have seen the menu? Now they’re at school talking about how they had “ho-made” soft-serve over the weekend and the only natural conclusion one could draw is that their parents are involved in human smuggling and forced their sex slaves tied to the radiator in the basement to make ice cream for their children.

  4. yes! it was snapped at a burger joint in oakland, but i can’t seem to find the name of it anywhere…

  5. friscolex says:

    Set me up with a Mitchell’s grasshopper pie, avocado or choco-caramel crackle milkshake and I am a happy, happy person. Or NY cherry. Or French custard vanilla. Or Mexican chocolate.

  6. Katie Hannah says:

    This sign owes its genius to the guys at True Burger in Oakland.