Critical Mass Detroit

Critical Mass Detroit looks like kind of a blast. Definitely a different-looking ride than San Francisco’s. Summer road trip anyone?

(Thanks, Lizzy!)


Critical Mass Sacramento

Critical Mass Seattle

4 Responses to “Critical Mass Detroit”

  1. Joe Concannon says:

    Pretty cool, maybe Detroit is worth a trip. We do have our fire dancers in midtown Sac.

  2. RA says:

    critical mass is obnoxious.

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  4. mars says:

    bike trip from SF to Detroit. we rode 2055 miles (took train from reno to denver.) it was an awesome ride and we are settling down in detroit to build grassroots movement to realize a sustainable eco-friendly, community of universal consciousness.

  5. Santha says:

    Critical Mass Detroit is amazing! Just a huge group of cycle enthusiasts doing what they love most, riding! I participated in my first critical mass this past Friday (May 27th 2011) and was amazed at the great group of people! Thanks for the great time! Looking forward to next month!