Blog Tourism

Cosmic Amanda, here.  First time poster, long time commenter. (insert rim shot)

I’ve been digging Mission Mission for a year or so now, despite having never lived or visited here. In fact, I hail from Haverhill, MA, a city with great potential but a bit of a self-esteem crisis. I recently started a blog about it, with the lofty dream helping people all over (and even in Haverhill itself) realize how cool we actually are.

So, what am I doing getting all up in your blog right now?

Sometimes it’s hard to see potential in something you’re immersed in. How can you know what you can do to make a difference without getting out there and exploring the possibilities? The Mission is one of the coolest neighborhoods around. And, since your neighborhood and mine share a lot of basic similarities,  it’s exactly what I’d love for my city to become. I’m here in town this week, stocking up on inspiration.

Encountering this street art was like looking into a plywood mirror and seeing my own soul reflected back

Here I am, shacked up in an apartment on 25th and Shotwell, stuffing my face with burritos and Mission Pie, photographing street art, and generally basking in the atmosphere of a neighborhood electric with creativity. Just like the lucky writers of this blog get to do all the time. So far some highlights have in included chatting with Toshio after his performance at Amnesia, walking home and finding a fresh stencil on the sidewalk, and sitting in the cool grass of Dolores Park.

I destroyed this burrito.

Some people think it’s kinda weird that I’d travel all the way across the country to experience first hand something I’ve only ever read about in some random dude’s blog. But, it’s already kinda weird that I’ve been experiencing all of this vicariously for so long, so why not go all in?

I think my friend Chris put it best when he asked “So, like, instead of sex tourism, are you doing blog tourism?”

Uh, yeah. Totally creepy to think of it that way, but I guess there’s something to it.

Anyway, I’ve been lingering in the background of a few posts this week. Now, I hope you’ll indulge me in a post or two here at Mission Mission. (And, if by chance you’re not quite feeling my flow, you can breathe easy knowing I’ll be on a plane and out of your hair in only a couple more days.)

So, hi there, Mission! Love what you’ve done with the place!

14 Responses to “Blog Tourism”

  1. Chris says:

    Blog tourism?

    Just another excuse to meet men off the internet.

    • Cosmic Amanda says:

      While I am personally married, I can attest that these blog bros aren’t so hard on the eyes. So, I suppose that could be a USP for the soon-to-be-formed Blog Tourism Council.

  2. Dave says:

    Yeah, but how’s the consequential sex tourism going?

  3. Eon says:

    You’re too late. The Mission jumped the shark in ’93. There is still hope for Haverhill, tho. That place is dope.

  4. Junk Thief says:

    Welcome to the ‘hood. Every time I go to Mission Pie, I am greeted with “Sorry, we’re all out of pie.” Now I know why: the tourists took it! We welcome you all the same.

  5. other people's dogs says:

    I’m a newburyport dog who jumped ship to the mission a year ago. Haverhill rules, North Shore is the best, I’m waiting for them to open a Building 19 out here, then I’ll be set.

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  7. amit says:

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  8. amit says:

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  9. beer glasses says:

    come visit Shotwell’s (20th and Shotwell)

  10. Jim says:

    Long time Mission dweller here circa 1988, welcoming you to the “hood”. Albeit it has changed much since it’s gangsta days and I tend to like it more now. Gotta say I miss getting my farolito burritos for 2 bucks though and pan Dulce 4 for a dollar. Yea

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