Creep In An SUV Targeted 4 Cyclists Last Night

In case you haven’t heard, some scumbag in an SUV went nuts last night and tried to mow down 4 cyclists in the Mission and Potrero Hill areas. Three of the victims were hospitalized with (thankfully) non-life threatening injuries.

The perp still at large and has been officially condemned by Gavin Newsom:

“I’m proud that San Francisco is one of the bike-friendliest cities in the nation and we work hard to keep our City safe for cyclists and pedestrians every day,” said Mayor Newsom, in a written statement. “Cars and bikes share the road and must coexist. We will not tolerate violence or rage against cyclists or pedestrians.”

The suspect was driving a blue Nissan Rogue, which he crashed into a light post after the rampage. He escaped on foot. If you have any information regarding this asshole, call the anonymous tipline at 415-575-4444 and be careful out there.

[via SFAppeal, SFistphoto by Troy Holden]

15 Responses to “Creep In An SUV Targeted 4 Cyclists Last Night”

  1. Void says:

    They know who’s car it is, they say the car isn’t stolen, why won’t they say who owns the fucking car?

    • Cranky Old Mission Guy says:

      Um… because they want to arrest and try the fucking asshole before some street-justice-enforcing, internet-troll-reading fucking asshole kills him (or someone with the same name)?

      • rerun says:

        That’s not exactly a reason for not releasing his name. They released the name of the guy who raped his relative in her school.

        They’ve provided no information about the car owner, only that he’s a white male. The car was not reported stolen, and they have never changed the story to state the car was stolen. They know who the car was registered to. So why no info?

      • Rod says:

        this guy is a homicidal maniac. what if he gets his hands on another car and tries this again? what if he goes and gets a gun and starts shooting strangers? i hope we are not protecting his privacy at the cost of hurting/killing any more innocent victims . . .

      • 178224 says:

        or before Kira writes his name down

  2. jane says:

    The guy was driving a small, blue car of some kind, not an SUV. He crashed into an SUV at the end of the rage.

    • tim says:

      a nissan rogue is technically a “crossover,” basically an suv-shaped cabin built on a car platform (in this case, a sentra). so it’s up for debate, but i say if it looks like an suv, call it an suv, and the rogue looks like an suv.

      not that it really matters at all…

  3. MrEricSir says:

    They should take away his car and force him to bike everywhere from now on.

  4. Sheabones says:

    “They should take away his car and force him to bike everywhere from now on.”

    Damn, that’s a bit harsh, don’t you think? It’s not like he killed anybody….

  5. Rod says:

    btw if anyone rides a bike and wants to be truly frightened, check out the comments on SFGate . . .

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