With Pride Over, Amelia's Turns Back Into the Elbo Room

Some of you may have noticed that the regular “Elbo Room” sign had recently been replaced with another older-looking one that reads “Amelia’s.”  Now, it’s back to the “Elbo Room” again.  So, what’s going on here?

Well, after talking to some key Elbo staff, it turns out that around 20 years ago the Elbo Room used to be a rocking dyke bar named Amelia’s that allegedly would have put the Lex to shame.  Every year when Pride rolls around, they dig the old sign out of storage and install it in front as an homage to the bar’s colorful history.  Then, when Pride weekend ends and all the brunches are over, bloody marys flowing in the gutter, they lock it up again and go back to the regular ol’ Elbo Room.  So there you go!

History lesson with Professor Sarkarati over!

Back to Normal

[Normal Elbo Photo by SF Bar Experiment]

15 Responses to “With Pride Over, Amelia's Turns Back Into the Elbo Room”

  1. SlideSF says:

    Three cheers and a tip of the hat to Rikki Streicher! We miss you!

    • kwk says:

      Seems a number of those “throwback” writers try to remember the name of the restaurant at Guerr/16: Sefi’s.

      In July, 1989 when business started going off the owner doused the kitchen with gasoline at 4 a.m. and then dribbled a trail behind him as he walked to the front door. He tossed a match over his shoulder as he exited. By then the room was full of gas fumes.

      The explosion burned off the back of his clothes and a lot of his skin. He drove himself to a hospital down the peninsula hoping they wouldn’t have heard about an explosion and fire in SF.

      After posting bail he tried to sneak out of the country to Spain.

      • one says:

        Lord, that was a beautiful, beautiful place. Dark wood, booths…paneled, beams. A classic San Francisco-y place. Fucker could have made it work, but he was a greedy stupid sack of shit.

        I’m glad the bastard’s suffering, a lot, wherever he is.

        I heard that he *had* gotten away.

        I still can’t even look at it.

  2. That’s awesome! I had no idea they did that every year; I guess I don’t look up often enough when walking down the street.

    (Quick note, Every Bar in SF is actually a different website. The photo is from mine, The San Francisco Bar Experiment.)

  3. 64Impala says:

    OMG look at those Breeders in the 2nd pic!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Ferocious Foot Odor says:

    Um, does anyone consider that it may have just been Lesbian Bed Death?

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  6. G says:

    If you don’t know this information, you shouldn’t f*cking be living in the Mission.

  7. Btender says:


    I tended bar there for years. Shots of tequila gold and baby dykes dressed up like John Travolta or down like Sal Mineo. And now it’s a history lesson. Little did we crazy drunk girls know we were making history…:)

    • btender2 says:

      Yep, well I remember those shots of gold and those baby dykes..um, well some remembered well and some remembered not so well, crazy and drunk yes, life was good then, still is…history still being made.

  8. JordanSirgio says:

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