Why Is This Decommissioned Parking Meter Still Here?

Oh cool.

Chicago sure is different.

(Thanks, mr_htcht!)


Chicago Street Art

7 Responses to “Why Is This Decommissioned Parking Meter Still Here?”

  1. yse says:

    We’ve had decommissioned meters for bike parking in the East Bay for a long time.

  2. friscolex says:

    Cool Hand Luke would be proud.

  3. TheTens says:

    Parking meters are an eyesore whether they are used for parking or bikes, but I guess it saves money on putting in bike racks.

  4. Alexei says:

    They could split the difference between leaving the old meter and installing new racks, and just lop off the head and replace it with some decorative thing.

    The single post might be less of an obstruction while providing just as much parking as the inverted-U racks do, and could be more aesthetic as well. On the downside, bikes are more likely to fall over, I guess.

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